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Sask. man with MS undergoing one of two procedures as part of study

Andrew Dahlen will receive either a placebo treatment or the liberation treatment today
Reported by News Talk Radio staff
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News Talk Radio first told you about Andrew Dahlen, a 28-year-old Saskatoon man with Multiple Sclerosis, who was hoping to undergo the controversial liberation treatment as part of a study involving clinical trials by the provincial government.

Today, Dahlen is in Albany, New York where he will be officially taking part in the study by undergoing one of two procedures.

"During the trials, some people will be given the actual procedure while others will receive a placebo treatment. Not even doctors know which one each person will get, until right before it happens. They open up a letter that says venography or venography and CCSVI," said Dahlen.

The venography treatment will take x-rays of his veins to look for blockages and if he gets the CCSVI option, that will give him the liberation treatment which will insert balloon-like stents to unblock veins.

"I know it's still quite controversial, so many people didn't want to take part in this procedure," said Dahlen.

But, Dahlen is ready - regardless of if he receives the actual treatment or not.

"I'm a guinea pig, but if it's for the greater good it's awesome."

Dahlen said although he will get one of the two treatments today, he won't know which he received for a very long time.

"I won't know for about two and a half or three years," said Dahlen.

"I might be emotionally prepared, but then I'll wake up one morning and be freaking out, because I have no idea."