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'Occupy' Monsanto from Regina to Saskatoon flops

Key Saskatoon organizer says the Regina occupiers failed to coordinate
Reported by Jared Knoll
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It was a swing and a miss for the Occupy movement planning to protest at the Monsanto Research Centre northeast of Saskatoon on Saturday night.

Movement members contacted the media last week about the planned passive confrontation, which was supposed to occur at 5 p.m. -- except it didn't.

Activist and key Occupy Saskatoon organizer and owner of alternative bookstore Turning the Tide Peter Garden explained what happened.

"I got a call about noon [Saturday], saying that the people from Regina weren't showing up," he said.

"Apparently there wasn't enough people, and they had a car that broke down."

He said the Saskatoon chapter wasn't involved or consulted in the 'Occupy Monsanto' attempt, and only helped to get the word out.

"If you hear the word 'Occupy' people don't really discriminate between one and another, but we've got our own things that we're organizing around in Saskatoon."

Garden conceded the fiasco as damaging to the movement's credibility, but remained optimistic for what they can achieve in Saskatoon. 

Future projects include a 24 hour drop-in centre for the homeless called the Real Centre, and a media co-op, as well as several other smaller projects.

"We're just trying to continue to build and network, and come out strong in the spring when the snow melts. And we'll see what happens," said Garden.

"I think there's something that was started this fall, and it hasn't gone away."

Edited by News Talk Radio's Jared Knoll.