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Memory of plane crash lingers in Saskatoon

Fatal plane crash in city's north end after engine trouble
Reported by Chris Mangatal
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It's an event that will stay on the minds of people in Saskatoon for a long time.

One year ago on Sunday, a plane used for geological surveys made an emergency landing onto a sound barrier by Wanuskewin Road after the right engine failed.

"All of a sudden I looked behind me, there was a big boom," said Erin, from Saskatoon.

"I thought it was a light pole that fell over or something.  My friend was like, 'Erin that was an airplane.'  Then I slammed on my brakes and ran out. All of a sudden there were cops there.  A guy came out covered in blood, it was the saddest thing in my life," she recalls. 

Both the 57-year-old pilot Brock Gorrell and his 42-year-old co-pilot Cameron Sutcliffe survived the crash with minor injuries.

Their passenger Iaroslav Gorokhovski, 47, was killed.

"When we arrived on scene, we did find one patient who was D.O.A. when we arrived and two patients that looked like they had some minor injuries," said Troy Davies with M.D. Ambulance.

The investigation by the transportation safety board of Canada is ongoing and is expected to last another couple of months.