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Flash mob at Regina's Cornwall Centre for Idle No More

Aboriginal protestors surround Christmas tree for round dance
Reported by CJME staff
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Christmas shoppers at the Cornwall Centre saw a different scene on Monday night as protesters surrounded the mall's Christmas tree for a round dance flash mob.

It was all to create awareness about the Idle No More movement which is calling on the federal government to allow more input from aboriginal leaders on issues that affect aboriginal communities.

Organizer Shawna Oochoo says the federal government has passed a number of bills that affect aboriginal communities without their input.

“Go back to the tables, meet with our aboriginal leaders and you know, do things the way that they should be done – that’s our message and we just want to do things respectfully without anybody getting hurt,” she said.

At least 200 people came out to show support for Idle No More, and that turnout certainly pleased Oochoo.

“I’m just totally 100 per cent impressed you know, it took all of us to come together and do this  - I didn’t know exactly how much was going to turn out but the numbers are just remarkable,” Oochoo said.

Joey Reynolds from the Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism came out to be a part of the dance.

“I was very happy to take part in this – all united and it was very beautiful to see and very proud for our coalition to back something like this up,” he commented.

Idle No More supporters are particularly set against Bill C-45, which they say weakens environmental laws.

With the help of social media, the cause continues to grow, with more events and protests planned across Canada and internationally.

Reported by Amanda Purcell