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Earthquake felt near Esterhazy

Quake recorded at 3.3 magnitudes
Reported by Natalie Geddes
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An earthquake near Esterhazy struck early Wednesday morning just before 2:30 a.m., recorded by the US Geological Survey as a 3.3 magnitude quake.

It happened near the Mosaic Potash Mine between Yarbo and Gerald -- the mines were not damaged, and no one was hurt.

Kevin Hruska lives near the village of Gerald, and was laying in bed just before 2:30 a.m. frustrated at not being able to sleep.

"There's a couple cabinets beside the bed and the doors rattled on them and then we have french doors and they ratted a little bit," he said, adding he wasn't too shocked by the event since they've been happening roughly once a year because of a nearby mine.

"My wife was snoring away like a freight train, and boy did it wake her up."

If you felt anything let us know by calling the CJME newsroom at 546-6397.

Edited by News Talk Radio's Sabeen Ahmad and Jared Knoll.

Map's blue pin shows exact location of earthquake (50.681°N, 101.866°W) as identified by U.S. Geological Survey. The green pin shows the general location of Hruska.

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