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Saskatoon News

Basements at risk from melting snow

Expert says the amount this year has him concerned
Reported by Ashley Wills
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In most yards, snow sits in huge piles waiting for warm weather to melt it away.

"I'm kind of scared this year," said Bruce Rempel from Sand & Stone Concrete Interiors in Saskatoon.

"It might be fun for the kids to play on, but it's not going to be fun when you're absolutely flooded out.”

A lot of people think that if water gets into their basement, there's something wrong with the basement or weeping tile. Rempel said that 99 per cent of basements in the province are damp proof, not water proof.

"You have to get moisture away from the house, that's actually fixing the problem, but this year it's going to be quite a challenge," he said.

There is no where to put the snow, when some yards have piles as high as 10 feet. Rempel suggested hiring a company to remove the snow and haul it away with a truck.

But with that advice, comes a warning from Sask Energy.

A homeowner trying to avoid water damage could end up paying for other repairs. Hitting a meter or damaging a pipe can cost at least $3,000.

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