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City of Regina won't be able to spray every area for Canker worms

Residents are strongly urged to contact a professional company to spray
Reported by Samantha Maciag
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The City of Regina is working in high gear, spraying chemicals high up into its trees, trying to kill the spring canker worms before they eat all of the leaves.

Supervisor for Pest Management with the City of Regina Wade Morrow says the little green worms have been out for a week and the city has figured out where the worst of them are.

"Right now we're trying to get our equipment out and get the trees sprayed," Morrow said Wednesday morning. He insists the liquid chemical being used won't hurt anything except the canker worms.

He said the crews would have started the spraying sooner, but the windy, wet weather of late was making that difficult. City crew spray trees for canker worms. Samantha Maciag/News Talk Radio

Unfortunately, because about 60 per cent of Regina is above their threshold level when it comes to canker worms they won't be able to spray everywhere. But that doesn't mean that residents can take the task on themselves.

"Residents are not permitted under the forestry by-law to spray city-owned trees with any pesticides," he said, adding that they do have two companies that are certified by the city to spray your personal trees - Combat Tree Spraying and the Tree Medics.

It's also time to get the bands off your trees until September. That's when banding starts again for fall canker worms.

To view where the city will be spraying in different areas, click here.

(Photos taken by News Talk Radio's Samantha Maciag, June 1, 2011.)

Edited by News Talk Radio's Sabeen Ahmad.