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Saskatoon doctor using synchotron for M.S. research

Potentially groundbreaking impact
Reported by Samantha Maciag
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A Saskatoon doctor's research could change the diagnosis and medication for Multiple Sclerosis.

Clinical trials for the liberation treatment are ongoing in New York, but unlike the liberation therapy this research has nothing to do with blockages in neck veins.

Dr. Bogdan Pepescu is using the Synchrotron at the Canadian Light Source to look at the levels of zinc, copper and iron in the tissues of people with M.S.

"Looking at the involvement of metals in Multiple Sclerosis because metals are very important for the manufacturing and the maintenance of myelin which is basically the membrane that is destroyed in multiple sclerosis," he explained.

Popescu said results showing too much or not enough metal could help target medication more effectively. The research could also possibly be used to develop new techniques including changing the way MRIs are used for diagnosis.

"It will be something completely new because it is very hard to look at metals without the synchotron," he explained.

Popescu will do the study over five years and the results could be groundbreaking for the 3,500 people who suffer from the disease in Saskatchewan.
Edited by News Talk Radio's Adriana Christianson