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Water levels peaked early on Wascana

No concern about flooding this year in Regina
Reported by Samantha Maciag
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It’s another sign of spring, the water levels on Wascana Lake and Wascana Creek are up on the banks but unlike last year, city managers are not worried about flooding.

Brian Miller, manager of sewer and water operations for the City of Regina said the water levels have already peaked a month ahead of normal.

 “We probably saw our peak flow through Regina on the weekend on Sunday or Monday, and it seems that the lake level and the flow rate in the creek is starting to trail off a little bit right now,” he said.

Miller said the water isn’t moving nearly as fast as it was last spring thanks to a lack of snow this year. The flow rate is about 10 to 15 cubic metres per second and last year the peak flow in late April was 78 cubic metres a second.

“Really with the conditions that have existed this year, there was not the potential for us to have to really worry about any sandbagging or potential diking along Wascana Creek,” Miller commented.

The dog park is flooded right now but Miller said this is not a surprise because it is built on a flood plain but he expects the water to start receding soon.

Edited by News Talk Radio’s Adriana Christianson