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Apple fans out in force

The new iPad hits the shelves and people were lined up waiting
Reported by Ashley Wills
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The newest version of the iPad hit stores today. Apple fanatics in Saskatoon lined up outside Future Shop this morning, some as early as 5 a.m.

"I got the first one when it came out, I also got the second one when it came out, and now I'm getting this one," said Eric Jurgens, a self-confessed Apple snob.

Jurgens is committed to the brand.

"I have an iPhone, I have a Mac Mini, I have an iPod touch, I have an Apple TV," he said.

The cheapest WiFi-only model goes for $519. The most expensive version - which can access mobile networks and has 64 gigabytes of storage - will set you back about $860.

For Gerald Tornato, this iPad will be his first tablet. He has waited until now to buy, in hopes that all the kinks are worked out.

"Some of the new features on there I would love to have," he said.

Tornato plans to use his new toy for work, as well replace his old lap top at home.

Those who can't find one of the new iPads in stores may have to wait a while to buy one. Apple says online orders cannot be filled for another two or three weeks.

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