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Saskatoon recycling debate heats up

We now know there won't be referendum, but there are still a lot of question marks hanging over one of Saskatoon's most contentious issues. Among them is how the recycling debate will impact Cosmo Industries - a non profit organization that employs disabled people in a massive paper processing plant.
Councillor Darren Hill says no one wants to see Cosmo affected by a new city wide curbside recycling program views the current debate as an opportunity for Cosmo to grow and develop.

Vehicle plows into Saskatoon business

There's a gaping hole in the side of a west Saskatoon business after a vehicle crashed through it Tuesday evening.

Saskatoon police say that at around 11:30 p.m. a 56-year-old woman may have meant to tap the brake as she pulled in front of the business in the 3300 Block of Fairlight Drive.

But instead- she pushed the gas pedal and smashed into the building. The vehicle and the business suffered extensive damage. No one was injured.

Saskatoon's Affinity Credit Union target for debit scam

A Saskatoon man says he was scammed after realizing $900 went missing from his Affinity Credit Union account over the weekend.

"I'm sure they got hundreds of people that could have lost a minimum of $500. That could be up to 50 grand up to half a million dollars," said Darryl Cherry, who believes he was the victim of a debit card scam targeting Affinity Credit Union customers in Saskatoon.

Cherry wasn't able to contact his branch manager because it was a Sunday, so he called police.

Teen found guilty of manslaughter in killing of Charlotte Jolly

A Saskatoon woman sobbed uncontrollably as the verdict of manslaughter was read aloud Friday at Court of Queen's Bench for the teen who shot and killed her 19-year-old daughter Charlotte Jolly in 2009.

The charge was originally second degree murder, but Justice Grant Curry stated there was not enough evidence to prove that charge.

For more than a week, court heard various witness accounts of the night the teen and Jolly met in a Westview area alley off Avenue W in September 2009.

Possible human remains found east of Saskatoon

 Saskatoon RCMP are investigating may be the remains of a person in the RM of Corman Park east of Saskatoon.

Fraud continues to spread in Saskatoon

It appears a rash of pin pad debit and credit card frauds in Saskatoon is continuing.

But police say it's getting harder for criminals to get your bank information, because local businesses are finally starting to be vigilant about the scam.

Police spokesperson Alyson Edwards sasy in two recent cases, potential scammers were caught in the act by employees.

"The acts were interrupted and the suspects fled. It is good to know that employees and businesses are being vigilant and they know a little bit more, perhaps, now about what to watch for."

Saskatoon Councillor explains leak of a confidential document

Saskatoon city councillor Pat Lorje says when she leaked a confidential document to a member of the public, she was merely looking for advice.

This comes from a statement released Monday at Saskatoon city hall.

Lorje is now facing punitive sanctions for breaching council's code of conduct, which may include limiting her access to confidential documents in the future.

Blue Cross says more to million dollar baby claim

The Saskatchewan Blue Cross says there is more to the story of a Humboldt family facing nearly a million dollars in medical bills.
Jennifer Huculak went into labour early while on a trip to Hawaii last year and her baby spent several weeks in intensive care.
Before her trip, Huculak said she purchased Blue Cross insurance and got the green light to travel from her doctor.

Drug addiction behind armed robberies in Saskatoon

Armed robberies are up in Saskatoon because drug abusers are looking for fast cash to feed their addiction, according to the city’s police chief.

Just last Thursday, two businesses on Broadway Avenue were held up by masked men with knives. On Sunday, a pharmacy at the corner of Assiniboine Drive and Warman Road was the fifth pharmacy since Sept. 19 to fall victim to robbery.

Global impact of obesity costs $2 trillion: report

The global economic impact of obesity costs about $2 trillion which is nearly the same cost of smoking or armed violence, according to a new report.

More than 2.1 billion people or almost 30 per cent of the world’s population is overweight or obese, said the report put out by McKinsey and Co. It suggests that almost half of the global population will be overweight by 2030.

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