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UPDATE: Saskatchewan Court of Appeal rules essential services legislation is valid

A controversial decision on the government's long-fought essential services bill by the Saskatchewan courts has been overturned but both labour and the government expect changes are coming anyway.

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of the provincial government, finding that Bill 5 is valid despite an earlier ruling at the Court of Queen's Bench.

Emergency debate on cyberbullying held in the Legislature

Bullying continues to be a big topic at the Legislature during this spring sitting and both sides of the opposition are encouraging people to talk about it at home as well.

Moose Jaw ice jam warning premature

Any major flooding along the Moose Jaw River is unlikely over the next days, but the potential is there.

A warning for possible ice jamming was issued by the City of Moose Jaw Wednesday, but the emergency coordinator Rod Montgomery said it was more of an advisory or a heads-up.

“I don’t think there’s any reason for concern about flooding over the next day or two here in the city of Moose Jaw. We’re just starting to see flows through the Moose Jaw River basin, nothing significant.”

UK nurse speaks about authority to prescribe medication in Regina

Would you like to be able to bypass the doctor - and have your nurse prescribe your medication?

In the United Kingdom, that's exactly what happens.

Rebecca Cheatle is the adviser of primary and community care with the Royal College of Nursing, which acts as the union for nurses in the U.K. She travelled across the pond to present to the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses during their annual meeting Wednesday afternoon.

Keeping elderly out of care homes focus of Sask. government

Saskatchewan's health minister admits he's hearing more complaints about long term care homes but he isn't planning to look at mandating staff levels.

This is the fourth part of a four-part series on concerns about the level of care provided in Saskatchewan's long-term care homes.

Ice jam warning for Moose Jaw; Fort Qu'appelle ready for flood

After weeks of preparations, we should find out in the next few days how hard Moose Jaw will be hit by flooding.

Sask. Bible college authorized to grant degrees

Saskatchewan students can now earn a degree at Bible College.

"We were privileged enough to be the first one to be trusted with this opportunity," said Dwayne Uglem, president of Briercrest College and Seminary near Moose Jaw.

The province passed the Degree Authorization Act last fall, making colleges able to apply to have their programs approved.

Extendicare stands behind staffing policies at Saskatchewan care homes

Looking after the province's elderly is a complicated and complex business. That's what News Talk Radio is hearing from the operators of Saskatchewan care homes in the wake of some recent criticism.

This is the third part of a four-part series on concerns about the level of care provided in Saskatchewan's long-term care homes.

SK care home worker faces difficult choices at work

A long-term care home worker says he wants to see the Saskatchewan government walk the walk when it comes to long term care homes.

James Ford says the lack of adequate staffing at the busy Saskatoon home where he works means care givers are forced to either sacrifice the dignity of their residents, break the law, or risk injuring themselves.

This is the second part of a four-part series on concerns about the level of care provided in Saskatchewan's long-term care homes.

SK Highway Transport Patrol authorized to ticket in orange zone

If you're caught speeding in an orange zone - you could be getting a ticket from someone other than a police officer.

The provincial government announced on Tuesday that the Highway Transport Patrol now has the authority to hand out speeding tickets in work zones.

The officers will be placed in work zones across the province and will be able to give anyone going over the 60 km/h speed limit a ticket.

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