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STC cancels Regina, Saskatoon trips during winter storm conditions

With some roads closed and others with poor conditions, the STC is cancelling some of its routes Thursday night and Friday morning.

Regina routes are:

Take warnings seriously, prepare before travel: Red Cross

As some families in Saskatchewan faced a night being stranded due to terrible road conditions, the Saskatchewan Red Cross is advising the best precaution to take in adverse conditions is staying where you are.

"The first thing you should do whether you're going out to the lake in the summer or going out on the highways in the winter is check your weather conditions," said Diane Francoeur with the Red Cross.

"Know what to expect."

Weather prevents RCMP from getting to stranded drivers

Conditions aren't safe for travel, even for emergency workers. The RCMP had 127 calls for collisions, stranded vehicles, and vehicles in the ditch from 6 p.m. Wednesday to 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, many of them on highways which were closed.

Read one family's story about their night in their vehicle and the man who brought them home.

Record number of highways closed around Saskatchewan

If you’ve looked at Saskatchewan’s Highway Hotline map lately, you’ll see it’s dominated by one colour -- red closures.

View the Highway Hotline map here.

“This winter, this is the most highways that we’ve had closed in a single day. There’s more red on our Highway Hotline map today then I’ve certainly seen all winter,” said the hotline’s Kirsten Leatherdale.

Table Mountain closed because of impassible roads

It's a snow day even for skiers and snowboarders.

Table Mountain, near North Battleford, is closed because highways and grid roads in the area are in such rough shape.

"There's three or four places where there are four foot snow banks across the road," said Laurence Blouin, the manager of Table Mountain.

This is only the second time since Table Mountain opened in the 1970s, that it has been forced to close because of bad roads.

FSIN reacts to extra $3 million for employment in budget

There isn’t a whole lot in the provincial budget that’s catching the eye of the Saskatchewan Federation of Indian Nations.

Chief Perry Bellegarde said he does like how the budget is specifically providing $3 million towards addressing future recommendations of the Joint Task Force on Improving Education and Employment. But aside from that there isn’t much that Bellegarde could speak positively about.

He was hoping to see a similar agreement with the province in terms of revenue sharing, like the one municipalities have now.

Habitat for Humanity to build 40 homes in Saskatchewan

It's the most money Habitat for Humanity has ever received from the province.

In yesterday's budget, $2 million was set aside for the non-profit to build 40 new homes in Saskatchewan.

"I think we are the envy of other provinces because we have a strong and consistent support from our provincial government," said Barb Cox-Lloyd, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon.

"We were pretty confident that the government was going to support us again, but we didn't know they were going to support us at a greater level, so that was really an exciting change," she said.

Cameco, Areva pleased with changes to uranium royalties

Two of the province’s biggest uranium contenders are pleased with the government’s changes to industry royalties in the 2013 budget.

Under the new system, producers will be able to deduct the actual cost of their expenses on capital projects. The changes do away with the outdated deduction system where industry allowances were estimated by the government and sometimes as much as 50 per cent below actual costs.

Cameco and Areva say the changes will encourage investment in Saskatchewan’s uranium mining industry, create more Saskatchewan jobs and drive northern development.

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