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Handful of High River residents ignore evacuation orders and stand by their homes

Not everyone tried to keep themselves dry when the evacuation orders came down in Alberta last week.

Some people like Jeff Kaiman from High River stuck around to try and save his family's home. He says he took a ride to the downtown area the other day.

"It's unbelievable," he admitted.

"There’s boats that have washed clean across a main road and pushed themselves into a house, after the berm itself broke down from water rushing."

Cumberland House braces for flooding

Now that the evacuation is complete, emergency responders are focusing on protecting Cumberland House infrastructure.

A team of about 85 people have stayed behind to create berms, lay sandbags and deploy other flood mitigation equipment, hoping to save at least some of the now empty homes, businesses and community buildings.

There are approximately 300 structures that will be threatened by flooding said incident commander Raymond Dussion.

Photos: Flooding in Calgary Jun.21-24

Photos from flooding in Calgary, Alta.  June 21-24.

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Saskatchewan provincial parks anticipate no impact from flood waters

Don't let fears of flooding keep you from a weekend camping trip - that's the message from Sask Parks as the Canada Day long weekend approaches.

Even though inflows into Lake Diefenbaker are the highest they've ever been and outflows of 2000 cubic meters per second are causing record-high levels on the South Saskatchewan River, provincial parks in those areas are expected to remain mostly unaffected .

Saskatchewan's Hayley Wickenheiser among those helping clean up Calgary

A massive cleanup is underway in Calgary.  Much of the city is a muddy, waterlogged mess, but three-time Olympic gold medalist Hayley Wickenheiser says spirits remain high.

"There's hundreds... thousands of people walking up and down the streets just covered in mud with their boots just trying to help out wherever they can."

Oilfield company helps with cleanup in Calgary neighbourhood

Calgary’s Sunnyside neighbourhood is on the road to recovery, and it’s getting there with an assist from an oilfield company out of Red Deer .

The community located just across the river, to the north of the downtown core, got hit hard when flood waters poured in last week.

When 4A Street NW was underwater, with residents evacuated, Sean Wilson was among them.

Producer sees flood waters reach his land near Leader

The high water from Alberta is flowing into Saskatchewan now and many communities have noticed higher levels on rivers over the last day or two. While the damage might not be as severe as in Calgary, High River and other towns and cities in southern Alberta, Saskatchewan isn't totally exempt.

North and South Saskatchewan Rivers seeing some levels rise Monday

The flood water from Alberta is making an impact in Saskatchewan, with the peak expected to reach the border some time on Monday.

"Based on what we're seeing from Alberta, we're now expecting 5,600 cubic meters per second coming in to Lake Diefenbaker," said Patrick Boyle of the Water Security Agency (WSA) in an update to the media Monday morning.  While the number is below the level initially expected, it is still 12 times the typical flow at the lake and the highest seen in 100 years.

No deal for Weyburn police after a year of contract talks

Despite high hopes the Weyburn Police Association (WPA) and the City of Weyburn are without a deal once again.
A tentative deal didn't manage to go through last week. The WPA said in a news release that it's going to send another letter to the board asking for binding arbitration.
The police officers' contract expired on Dec 31 2011, negotiations have been ongoing since June 2012.

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