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Prince Albert

Co-accused in spouse murder conspiracy committed to trial

A Melfort woman and Wakaw man accused of conspiring to kill their respective spouses will go to trial.

At an appearance in Melfort’s Provincial Court on Thursday, the charges against Angela Nicholson and Curtis Vey were committed to trial over at the Court of Queen’s Bench.

Those charges were laid by RCMP in July of last year after an investigation that police say revealed an extramarital affair and a secret plot.

Sask. farmers' tensions remain after stolen cow ruling upheld

Four years after an incident that left a Shellbrook-area farmer without 10 heifers, tensions remain between himself and a neighbour.

Legal disputes between Glenn Strube and the man who sold his cattle, Kelly Deck, have drawn out over the years. It started with a Court of Queen’s Bench case in Prince Albert that was heard in 2012.  It continued in April as Deck appealed that ruling, which found him guilty of knowingly selling cattle that were not his.

It started in the fall of 2009, when Glen Strube noticed 10 heifers missing from his herd.

La Ronge man to serve 5 1/2 years for killing P.A. teen

A La Ronge man will serve five and a half years in prison for killing a Prince Albert teen in 2011 and for assaulting his friend after a late-night gathering.

Scott Keighley, now 25, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and to assault with a weapon at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Prince Albert on Monday.

Photos: Giant sinkhole on Highway 302

A gaping sinkhole and a pool of water sit where a hill supporting Highway 302, 18 kilometres west of Prince Albert, once stood.

The highway itself is intact, but a noticeable crack is forming in the ground near the edge of the gap. A member of a ministry of highways crew inspecting the damage warned to stay away from the edges, in fear the cracked portion might crumble away under the weight.

45 residents evacuated from James Smith Cree Nation

Flooding on James Smith Cree Nation has forced 45 residents out of their homes.

As of Wednesday, Chief Justin Burns said evacuees were in Melfort.

“We’re going to be in Melfort here as soon as we’re done looking after this one person that is stuck right now,” he said. Once in the city they’ll be addressing any concerns of the evacuees as well as working on meal vouchers.

In the community, crews have been working on putting berms in place to protect one of the roads.

PHOTOS: Part of Highway 55 washed away near Snowden

It's the season of pot holes but one north west of Prince Albert could swallow your car whole.

A section of Highway 55, just west of the Mont Nebo turn-off, has been shut down due to the extremely bad road condition.

Joel Cherry, spokesperson for the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, says the road had to be shut down because a culvert washed out.

SK penitentiary on lockdown after assault on two guards

The maximum security unit at the Saskatchewan Penitentiary is on lockdown after an assault on two correctional officers by inmates.

The assault happened in the maximum security unit Tuesday night around 7:50 p.m., according Correctional Service Canada (CSC). The two officers and one inmate sustained injuries.

“The injured staff members were evaluated and treated at an outside hospital. One inmate was injured during the incident and was treated at an outside hospital,” CSC said in a statement.

La Ronge man sheds 180 pounds using social media

A father of two has a jump in his step.

Since Sept. 11, 2013, Teco Bird has been on a weight-loss journey and has shed 182.7 pounds as of Tuesday.

“I feel awesome. You hear about people losing weight all the time and the energy levels that are shooting through the roof after losing all this weight, there’s no way that you’ll be able to describe it unless you go through it,” Bird said.

The La Ronge man said he was 543.7 pounds and on a waiting list for bariatric surgery for two years and knew something had to happen soon.

Tracing roots of Metis a lifelong project for Sask. woman

At a time when the significance of Metis roots is expanding, Rose Fleury is busier than ever.

At 88 years old, the Metis genealogist spends her days poring over the history of students through SUNTEP, the Gabriel Dumont Institute and SIAST.

Her work helps Metis students certify their history, and gain an education, she said. She doesn’t ask for payment, saying helping young adults pursue further schooling is reward enough.

Fleury said she was an “inquisitive child,” and that combined with a great-grandmother who wanted her to know where she came from.

Student painters brighten homes for Canadians with multiple sclerosis

Many people paint eggs on Easter but a group of student workers paint houses.

Student Works Painting (SWP) was at the home of Judy Penill on Sunday to paint her house, and it didn’t cost her a thing.

The gesture is part of a nation-wide SWP campaign to help Canadians battling multiple sclerosis. Partnering with the MS Society of Canada, SWP picks one person with MS in every major Canadian city and paints their house free of charge.

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