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Prince Albert

Shellbrook woman hopes to return found ring to rightful owner

A Wednesday morning shopping trip in Prince Albert left Andrea Weberg with more than she bargained for.

She was with her son at the time, trying to get some last minute Christmas shopping done before going home to Shellbrook. Weberg said when she got out of her car in the Safeway parking lot, she noticed there was a box on the ground.

“I opened it and I saw that a ring was in it. So, I tried a different variety of stores that sold it to see if I could track down who possibly owned it or purchased it,” Weberg said.

Man accused of killing young boy released on bail

A man accused of killing a toddler in a hamlet near Prince Albert will be free on bail until his next court appearance.

Shane Paschke, 33, appeared at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Prince Albert on Tuesday. He faces a charge of second-degree murder in connection with the death of three-year-old Roudy Bourke last year.

Bourke was the son of the woman Paschke was living with in the Garrick area.

An autopsy would later reveal that the boy died as a result of an injury caused by blunt-force trauma to the head.

Homeless in Prince Albert and trying to get out of the cold

The sidewalk outside of YWCA’s Our House in Prince Albert is surrounded by soft piles of snow. It’s the day after a night where temperatures fell to around minus 30.

A snow bank wouldn’t appear to be a place that would provide warmth. But for 44-year-old Jeremy, who sits on a two-seater couch in the facility’s lobby, he said the pile of snow he laid in last winter was warm. It was so warm that he fell asleep.

“Eighty per cent of my body was gone when they found me outside in the snow last year,” he said.

Man charged with first-degree murder in death of Jodi Roberts

A 27-year-old man from Sucker River is being charged with first-degree murder in the death of Jodi Clarissa Roberts.

Ricky Jonathan Ross, who is known as Jonathan Ricky Ross, has been charged by the RCMP with first-degree murder and offering an indignity to a body.

“Indignity to the body is basically leaving the body exposed or out in the open and leaving it there,” Sgt. Richard Price with the La Ronge RCMP said, adding the search for Ross was short.

PA-area residents speculate on cause of missing dogs

With six dogs reported missing to the Prince Albert RCMP and the SPCA as of Tuesday morning, there’s a lot of speculation whirling around the Davis rural area.

Davis is a hamlet comprised of a handful of houses covering a small area, about 10 kilometres south of Prince Albert.

Janine Huntley lives in the area and continues to look for her two dogs, Lily and Cooper that went missing last week.

RCMP release name of young alleged murder victim

RCMP have released the name of the three-year-old boy who was killed last year due to an unknown incident in Garrick.

Roudy Bourque died in Royal University Hospital in Saskatchewan last December from blunt force trauma to the head, according to an autopsy.

Shane Paschke of Garrick was arrested last Friday under charges of second degree murder after RCMP suspected him being involved in the death of Bourque.

RCMP officials say he was living with Bourque and his mother at the time of the young toddler’s death.

PA Ukrainian community reacts to protests in Kiev

On Sunday morning over 200,000 people protested their government in Kiev, Ukraine. Across the world in Prince Albert, hundreds of people with Ukrainian heritage were headed to church.

The protests in Kiev, which started about three weeks ago, revolve around Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich suspending trade talks with the European Union.

Different parts of the country have sided differently, some favouring strong trade ties with Russia, but the strongest voice has called for closer ties with the European Union.

Man found guilty in brutal murder-sex assault case

John Shaoulle has been found guilty of first-degree murder at the Court of Queen's Bench in Prince Albert.

He was accused of brutally sexually assaulting and strangling a Margaret Sewap in Prince Albert.

Her naked body was found on April 8, 2011 behind the Bolt Supply Store on 17th Street East.

At the end of October Shaoulle's defense council, Ian Mokuruk, argued there was no proof that the DNA ended up there during the commission of the murder.

Grief services help loved ones of murdered Jodi Roberts

The La Ronge RCMP confirmed on Tuesday that the human remains found in a wooded area near Sucker River were those of Jodi Roberts.

As the family deals with the realization that their loved one is not coming back, the Lac La Ronge Indian Band Office is extending its hand in support.

Chief Tammy Cook-Searson said they have multiple support networks in place for not only the family, but the community.

Sask. family searches for miracle for young child

Imagine having a perfectly healthy little boy, running around, giggling and laughing at Thanksgiving and just more than a week later, being told that he will not live a year.

This has been the reality for the Nathan and Megan Maier family who, just a few months ago moved to an acreage at Preeceville, Sask. from Ontario.

“Leif (Maier) had just gotten glasses,” recalled Megan Maier’s mom, Lois Person. “He had a lazy eye, like so many kids do. Then it was getting worse so they went to see the eye doctor in Yorkton but there was nothing suspicious.”

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