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Prince Albert

Cumberland pets not forgotten in the flood

In the rush to evacuate some 2,000 residents from Cumberland House and Cumberland House Cree Nation from approaching Alberta flood waters, hundreds of dogs had to be left behind.

On Wednesday however, the province assured evacuees that their animals have not been forgotten.

“There is a patrol that goes by those sites, homes and makes sure they are let out, exercised, fed and watered,” said Duane McKay, the province’s commissioner of emergency management.

“When the residents come back their pets will be in good shape.”

Rising river levels force flood preps for homes in P.A.

The City of Prince Albert is preparing for potential flooding in higher risk areas as the river is expected to rise to peak levels on Thursday.

The city will sandbag catchbasins along Macdowall Crescent and along 15th Avenue between Second and Fourth Streets.

As a precautionary measure, the city and the Prince Albert Fire Department are contacting residents on the south side of Riverside Drive, Highway 55 East and select residents in Little Red River Park.

Sask. church extends hand to evacuees from Cumberland House

The St. Alban’s Cathedral in Prince Albert is reaching out to the evacuees of Cumberland House.

Cumberland House flood evacuation puts end to family business

Flood waters from Alberta entering Saskatchewan has forced the community of Cumberland House to evacuate.

For cattle rancher Gerald Lambert, the oncoming flooding meant figuring out what to do with his cattle -- and quick.

Lambert and his father have been farming the land near Cumberland House for 35 years, with Lambert himself taking over the farm about nine years ago after his father retired.

Cumberland House evacuees fill the Henk Ruys Soccer Centre

Now that the evacuation is complete, people from Cumberland House are temporarily living in different communities all over the province.

"Right here in Saskatoon there are about 150 people in the shelter, there is about 32 in hotels, and most are staying with their friends and family in the area," said Candace Lamb with the Red Cross.

The shelter in Saskatoon is inside the Henk Ruys Soccer Centre. Lamb said the shelter provides three meals a day and activities.

"Working with the community has been fantastic. They are a really great group of people," she said.

'Supermoon' over Prince Albert

If you think the moon looks bigger and brighter than usual this weekend, you're right.

The moon is at its closest distance to earth this year, appearing eight per cent bigger and 17 per cent brighter than usual.

Earth and its celestial neighbour are 355-thousand kilometres apart, which is nine-thousand kilometres closer than usual. Astronomers call the once-a-year phenomenon, a ‘supermoon.’

The next time this happens will be Aug. 10, 2014.

Highway 2 closes again

A section of Highway 2, approximately 18 kilometers north of Prince Albert, has been closed again.

It was reopened yesterday afternoon after road crews fixed a washed out section of the highway on the north side of Little Red River bridge.

The same water-flow issues have now caused a similar washout situation on the south side of the bridge, said Robin Briere with the ministry of highways.

She said a road crew will be at the scene by 10 a.m. and will begin to evaluate the problem and make repairs.

Cumberland House evacuation underway

Cumberland House is preparing to evacuate as flood waters race toward the community located along the Saskatchewan River in the north east part of the province.

People from the village of Cumberland House and the Cumberland House Cree Nation will be moved to hotels and shelters in Prince Albert, Saskatoon, and Regina, if necessary.

UPDATE: Highway 2 north of Prince Albert reopened

A section of Highway 2 approximately 18 kms north of Prince Albert has reopened after a wash out yesterday afternoon.

Traffic was being rerouted along Highway 55 and Pulp Haul Road but that detour is no longer in effect. 

A construction crew was on the scene since 6:30 p.m. on Friday.  They've now completed work and the Little Red River bridge is open to both northbound and southbound traffic..

On Twitter: @princealbertnow

Record graduating class at Duck Lake high school

Stobart Community School in Duck Lake is doing something right.

Every student that registered for Grade 12 at the beginning of the school year has graduated.

It’s a rare accomplishment, said principal Reg Nicolas. “We’ve had bigger graduating classes in the past but not where we started with everyone and finished with everyone.”

Nicolas credits the students for embracing the education-first message promoted by teachers, parents and community leaders.

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