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Prince Albert

Centenarians share secrets to long life

After living and retiring in Prince Albert for the past 40 years, Floyd Trusty sat down to enjoy music, cake and flowers with his friends Monday for a very special birthday celebration.

“I feel 101 years old,” the centenarian chuckled, glancing towards a beaming window of sunlight.

“I’m healthy [and] very fortunate I’m very healthy," the former farmer said. "God is good to me. I don’t buy any pills or take any medication. I’m just, I’m very fortunate.”

Another animal abuse case appears in PA

The Prince Albert SPCA is reporting yet another animal cruelty case, this one coming from the Nordale area.

On Saturday a two-year-old male tabby cat was brought into the shelter as a stray, but upon a brief examination of the feline, staff found something unexpected.

Psychology prof examines mentality of animal abuse

In the wake of the recent killing of 11 cats, which were dumped on a property in the Rural Municipality of Prince Albert, members of the community have been left to wonder what might lead a person to kill or torture animals.

Dr. Steve Wormith, a psychology professor at the U of S, said when it comes to cases like this it often has a lot to do with the age of the perpetrator.

Man accused of pouring alcohol on baby handed suspended sentence

A 22-year-old man from Weyburn who willfully damaged his ex-girlfriend’s house in December received a suspended sentence and 10-month probation on Tuesday.

Judge Stephen Carter handed Justin Ballantyne the sentence after Ballanytne pleaded guilty Tuesday morning at the Saskatchewan Provincial Court in Prince Albert to a charge of mischief.

The two assault charges he faced in relation to the December incident were withdrawn.

The sentence was agreed to by the Crown and defence counsel, who had entered a joint submission.

Cats killed and dumped in woman's yard near Prince Albert

A shocking case of animal cruelty in the Prince Albert area has been reported to the local SPCA.

On July 27, a woman living in the Rural Municipality of Prince Albert, found that 18 cats had been dumped on her property. Ten of the cats were dead.

"Some of them appeared to have been drowned, they were very wet, and there was one that one of our staff felt had its back broken," said Debbie Lehner, manager of the Prince Albert SPCA.

The other dead cats appeared to have been stomped on. The following day another four cats were dumped at the same location.

UPDATE: Fatal crash in Tim Hortons parking lot in Prince Albert

An accident in a Tim Hortons parking lot at the corner of 15th Street West and Second Avenue West has killed one person on Thursday morning in Prince Albert.

A police officer at the scene told one of the bystanders that a person on a bicycle was riding through the parking lot when a truck came along and struck them.

Parkland Ambulance and police have confirmed that a person has died.

Options available for those with mental illness in P.A.

Following the incident that left Ian Buckwold dead and his son Alvin, who suffers from schizophrenia, charged with second-degree murder, mental health issues are on the minds of many.

What is out there to help those suffering from some form of mental illness whether it is depression or schizophrenia?

In the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region, reaching out and treating those with mental illnesses is one of the top priorities.

Waskesiu’s Lobstick tree to be cut down

The legendary Lobstick tree at the Waskesiu Golf Course is coming down.

The tree, which is estimated to be about 100 years old, is at the end of its life.

“It is basically like the rest of our forest up there. It has run its course and run its lifespan,” Peter Anholt, general manager of the Waskesiu Golf Course said on John Gormley Live Tuesday.

The namesake of the annual golf tournament that pits Saskatchewan’s best golfers against each other will be cut down Sept. 1.

P.A. police temporarily withhold names in officer-involved shooting

Prince Albert Police are still tight-lipped about the name of a man shot by police two weeks ago.

Last week News Talk Radio independently confirmed the identity of the 27-year-old who was shot by the two officers as Ryan Natomagan-Nelson of Prince Albert.

The July 9 shooting occurred after police responded to two related domestic calls and were allegedly confronted by a knife-wielding man.

Despite public comment from those who knew Natomagan-Nelson, Sergeant Curtis Halcro said police will not confirm the name until family gives the go-ahead.

Family prays for 'miracle baby' after mother killed in P.A. crash

A baby being dubbed, the ‘miracle baby’ by many on Facebook, is still fighting for life at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.

Baby Aurora Skye Ledoux was born three months premature at the hospital after her mother, 17-year-old Brandi Lepine was involved in a fatal car crash in Prince Albert on July 14.

Lepine passed away from her injuries in hospital shortly after giving birth to the baby according to family.

Now her grandmother Josephine Ledoux is hoping to hold on to the last piece of her daughter Brandi.

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