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Study finds equality between sexes at moment of conception

When sperm meets egg: At conception, the 2 sexes are produced at equal rates, study says
Malcolm Ritter, The Associated Press

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Every year, slightly more boy babies than girl babies are born worldwide. But back when sperm meets egg, the two sexes are conceived in equal numbers, a new study suggests.

That contradicts the idea found in many textbooks and scientific articles that males are in the majority at conception, researchers said.

And it implies more females than males die before birth, resulting in the excess of male births, says Steven Orzack, a study author.

Toilets, lingerie, shacking up: Some of Florida's odd bills

Toilets, lingerie, shacking up: Florida legislators take on odd topics in some bills
Brendan Farrington, The Associated Press

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Florida legislators filed more than 1,700 bills for consideration during their two-month session that ends in May. Some are routine, some deal with high-profile issues such as abortion and guns, and some are just odd. Here's a look at a few that fall into the last category:



It would be illegal for stores to let customers try on intimate apparel unless they do so over their clothes or with a protective shield. The bill describes intimate apparel as "lower undergarments, including lingerie and swimsuit bottoms."


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