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6 killed, 15 wounded in east Ukraine city

6 killed, 15 wounded in worst fighting since Ukraine cease-fire began; 146 combatants freed
Laura Mills, The Associated Press

KIEV, Ukraine - Shelling killed six people and wounded 15 others in the rebel stronghold of Donetsk, the city council said Monday — the worst reported violence since a cease-fire between Russian-backed rebels and Ukrainian troops took effect on Sept. 5.

Terror plotter Padilla gets new 21-year sentence

Terror plotter Jose Padilla gets new 21-year prison sentence; judges said 1st term too lenient
Curt Anderson, The Associated Press

MIAMI - Convicted terrorism plotter Jose Padilla (hoh-ZAY' puh-DEE'-uh) has received a new prison sentence of 21 years after a federal appeals court ruled his original term of 17 years was too lenient.

U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke imposed the sentence Tuesday. Padilla was convicted in 2007 on charges of supporting al-Qaida and terrorism conspiracy.

Pakistan fires defence minister, escalating crisis

Pakistan fires defence minister, army warns of turmoil as crisis escalates
Chris Brummitt,Zarar Khan, The Associated Press

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan's government fired the defence secretary Wednesday and the army warned of "grievous consequences" for the country, escalating a political and legal crisis that some believe could end in the dismissal of government.

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