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Trump turns golf trip into extension of campaign trail

Donald Trump turns trip to Women's British Open into extension of presidential campaign trail
Steve Douglas, The Associated Press

TURNBERRY, Scotland - Donald Trump turned a brief trip to a golf tournament in Scotland into an extension of his presidential campaign trail when he attended the Women's British Open at his plush Turnberry resort on Thursday.

The first round of one of the high-profile events in women's golf wound up being a mere sideshow from the moment the Republican arrived at the course with family members in his private helicopter, declaring "the world has asked me to be here."

Myanmar pardons China loggers among nearly 7,000 prisoners

Myanmar pardons almost 7,000 prisoners, including Chinese loggers, journalists
Aye Aye Win, The Associated Press

YANGON, Myanmar - More than 150 Chinese workers sentenced to life in prison for illegal logging were freed in Myanmar on Thursday under a massive presidential pardon that included nearly 7,000 prisoners.

Others who were freed included former military intelligence officials purged by their army colleagues more than a decade ago, and at least a handful of journalists and social activists.

India execution brings out mixed feelings on punishment

India divided over abolishing capital punishment as 1993 Mumbai bombings conspirator hanged
Nirmala George, The Associated Press

NEW DELHI - Few countries sentence more people to death than India. Whether those punishments are actually carried out is another matter. Though well over a thousand people have been sent to death row this century, just four have been executed.

Yakub Abdul Razak Memon was the latest. Jailed for his supporting role in the 1993 Mumbai bombings that killed 257 people, he was hanged Thursday morning.

Israeli bulldozers start demolishing West Bank settlement

Israeli bulldozers start demolishing West Bank settlement as Netanyahu OKs new construction
Daniel Estrin, The Associated Press

JERUSALEM - Israeli bulldozers began demolishing a contested housing complex in a West Bank settlement on Wednesday as the prime minister's office announced the "immediate construction" of some 300 new units at another location in the same settlement and advanced plans for about 500 new units in east Jerusalem.

The move, which is likely to draw international rebuke, comes amid a standoff in the Beit El settlement, to the north of Jerusalem in the West Bank.

Taliban leader Mullah Omar, reclusive in life and death

Taliban leader Mullah Omar's death is announced 2 years after his life in the shadows ended
Kathy Gannon And Patrick Quinn, The Associated Press

Mullah Mohammad Omar, the secretive head of the Taliban and an al-Qaida ally who led a bloody insurgency against U.S.-led forces, eluded capture for more than a decade in spite of being one of the most-hunted fugitives on Earth.

On Wednesday, he was reported to have died two years ago in a Pakistani hospital, according to the Afghan intelligence agency. In Washington, the U.S. government said they considered the report credible, though it was not confirmed by the Taliban or Pakistan.

Even in possible death, the one-eyed cleric-warrior was shrouded in mystery.

Afghanistan says Taliban leader Mullah Omar died 2 years ago

Afghanistan says Taliban leader Mullah Omar died in 2013, creating uncertainty for peace talks
Lynne O'Donnell, The Associated Press

KABUL - Afghanistan asserted Wednesday that the Taliban's reclusive leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, died more than two years ago in a Pakistani hospital — an announcement that injects new uncertainty into the country's fragile peace process.

If confirmed, the surprising news of the death of Mullah Omar would remove a unifying figure for the insurgents, who are believed to be split on whether to continue the war or negotiate with the government of President Ashraf Ghani.

US court says drug-sniffing dog fails the smell test

US court in Chicago says drug-sniffing dog fails the smell test; wrong nearly half the time
Michael Tarm, The Associated Press

CHICAGO - Lex the police dog from central Illinois is far from top dog in drug-sniffing skills.

That's the core finding of a potentially influential new ruling from the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which considered the question of how much police should rely on their K-9 partners to justify searches when a dog's own competence, as in Lex's case, is itself suspect.

Post-White House, Sam Kass to be food analyst for NBC News

7 months after leaving White House, Sam Kass to become senior food analyst for NBC News
The Associated Press

BOSTON - After six years of helping the Obama administration determine the nation's food policy, former White House chef and food policy adviser Sam Kass will now report on it.

France deploys riot police to bolster Calais security

France deploys riot police to boost security at Calais as migrants try to rush Channel Tunnel
Elaine Ganley And Lori Hinnant, The Associated Press

CALAIS, France - France deployed more than 100 riot police to Calais on Wednesday to bolster security as hundreds of migrants have been trying night after night to rush the railway tunnel leading to England — at times with fatal consequences.

Suicide attacks in Anbar kill at least 18 Iraqi troops

In Iraq, suicide car bombings kill at least 18 Iraqi troops near IS-held cities in Anbar
Sinan Salaheddin, The Associated Press

BAGHDAD - Militants in Iraq used stolen Humvees loaded with explosives to unleash a series of suicide car bombings targeting Iraqi security forces on Wednesday, killing at least 18 Iraqi troops, officials said.

The attacks came as the government pressed on with efforts to reclaim territory under the extremists' control in the embattled western Anbar province.

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