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Province asking federal government for flood funding

Faced with a massive flood clean-up and recovery effort, the province is looking to the federal government for disaster assistance. 
Premier Brad Wall spoke with Prime Minster Stephen Harper about the flooding damage. Wall believes the cost to the province will be higher than the 2011 flood.

“Based on the widespread nature of this particular flood and depth of the infrastructure damage that’s occurred, we think the number will be a bit higher than $360 million,” he said.

Record levels at Round Lake

Round Lake is at record-setting levels.
The province said the lake rose five centimetres thanks to the storm on Saturday night.
"As a result the forecasted peak for Round Lake has been increased to 445.75 metres," said Patrick Boyle with the Water Security Agency.

Baseball-sized hail pummels couple's home in Imperial, Sask.

Norman Lucas and the family dog were home alone, about a mile and a half west of Imperial, Sask, Saturday afternoon when the celestial chaos began.

The skies grew dark and the wind bent trees before the clouds began raining hail. What started as pea-sized drops pecking at the ceiling soon grew into baseballs crashing through the roof and denting the yard like giant ice meteors.

Crooked Lake pounded by hail, rain, high winds

The storm that passed across Saskatchewan on Saturday night has made a bad situation worse on Crooked Lake.
Carla Crozier owns a cabin on Grenfell beach and said she has never seen this kind of storm before.
"It started out with winds and rain and then it really picked up," she said.

PHOTOS/VIDEO: Tornadoes confirmed near Outlook, Kenaston

News Talk has confirmed a tornado which touched down just north of Outlook Saturday afternoon, as well as two others near the town of Kenaston.

Storm chaser Craig Hilts saw the first tornado touch down about 10 minutes north of Outlook just around 2:40 p.m. He then spoke to News Talk roughly 40 minutes later as two more tornadoes struck near Kenaston.

"It's the same storm just producing tornado after tornado after tornado," Hilts said.

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings, Watches for west central Sask.

Central Saskatchewan residents may want to consider indoor plans for Saturday evening after Environment Canada issued severe thunderstorm warnings and watches to a plethora of communities.

Severe thunderstorm warnings are in effect for areas around North Battleford, Kindersley, and Martensville.

24 centimetres of water moves toward Crooked Lake

Just under a foot of water is heading for the Qu’Appelle water system as it moves through an embankment and old rail crossing near the Pearl Creek dam.

Rumours that the Pearl Creek dam near Melville had breached are not true, according to Patrick Boyle with the Water Security Agency.

“These aren’t dams. We want to make that very clear,” Boyle said, adding the Qu’Appelle river system will rise 24 centimetres but the water will move through quickly.

Flooding shouldn't hamper weekend camping in Sask.

Despite all the water Saskatchewan has seen over the last week, it’s not anticipated to slow down visitors at provincial parks this weekend.

“We expect a really, really busy weekend,” explained Mary-Anne Wihak, SaskPark’s director of visitor experience.

Crooked, Round Lake to reach record water levels

Cabin owners at Crooked Lake and Round Lake are busily sandbagging before water levels hit record highs this weekend.

“I didn’t witness anything that I would say is falling into the lake but there are lots of cabins that are in the lake,” Duane McKay, commissioner and executive director of emergency management and fire safety, said about property on Crooked Lake.

Over the next few days, water levels are going to rise throughout the Qu’Appelle water system. Patrick Boyle with the Water Security Agency is most concerned about Crooked Lake and Round Lake.

City of Regina releases untreated wastewater into Wascana Creek

The heavy rain on the weekend has forced the City of Regina to take its wastewater bypass one step further as it released partially-treated and untreated wastewater into Wascana Creek.

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