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Province commits to 6 new highway cameras this winter in Saskatchewan

Despite some hesitation, the Government of Saskatchewan is now confirming more cameras will be placed on highways in the province to improve safety for drivers when road conditions deteriorate.

Six new cameras will be installed on five different highways across the province by this winter season. That’s in addition to the four cameras the province currently has in operation.

“Coming off a winter like last winter, I think people will appreciate it,” said Highways Minister Don McMorris .

Rider fans to fight the cold during Sunday's game at Mosaic

It's not great timing; you can expect very chilly temperatures for tomorrow's Rider game versus BC at Mosaic Stadium.

While we've been fortunate enough to dodge the cold over the past while, Dave Carlsen with Environment Canada says as murphy's law would dictate, the coldest day in the next week just so happens to be the beginning of the west semi final.

"We're going to be looking at temperatures at kickoff time around -10 or -12," he said.

Second round of snow hits Saskatchewan

For many places in Saskatchewan, this week has been book-ended with snow.

Dave Carlsen, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said many areas around the Yellowhead Highway, including Saskatoon and area, will get about two to four centimetres of snow throughout Friday.

However, it's a much snowier story in the east-central part of the province.

"The area seems to be centered between say Canora, Hudson Bay and then eastward to Swan River in Manitoba. That's where this storm is going to become its most intense and drop most of its snow," he said.

First taste of winter for students from Jamaica and Pakistan

While most people let out a groan as they step out to shovel away one of winter's first snow falls, some in Regina are excited to experience their first taste of the season.

"The whole scenery had changed pretty much outside my window. I could see everything had just changed to white," said Halar Shahani describing what he saw when he woke up Monday morning.

The engineering student at the University of Regina is originally from Pakistan and has lived in several climates however none compare to Regina.

Regina pedestrians struggle with slippery sidewalks

The taste of winter Regina received on Monday made streets pretty slippery for drivers pedestrians on city sidewalks also had a rough go of it.

While a lot of us have an idea of how to drive when it’s icy it seems the protocol for walking on ice is quite diverse.

“Ya, I do have to walk weird,” one man said. “I have to brace myself with each step.”

“It’s hard to walk because you've got to keep your feet so close together when you’re walking,” demonstrated another man. “I’ve already fallen today once. I wiped out.”

Welcome back to winter driving, Regina

The Regina area is only catching the tail end of the snow system that hit central Saskatchewan but the weather is still causing problems for drivers.

It might not be a lot of snow, but the freezing drizzle and wind was enough to bring back the white knuckle drivers of winter. Regina police reported at least 18 crashes in the city between 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. but luckily no one was hurt.

So where were the sanding trucks? Even if you didn't see them on your morning commute, the city's manager of winter maintenance insists they have been out since 1:00 a.m.

Updated: City of Saskatoon clearing streets after first snow storm

Winter has descended on Saskatchewan with snow covering communities across the province.

City of Saskatoon works to clear roads

Along with snow and rain on Saskatoon's roads, the first significant snowfall also brought a lot of work for the City of Saskatoon.

"We have entered winter and we have entered it with a vengeance," said Public Works Manager Pat Hyde.

"It's not quite as bad as last year on the same date but pretty close and the conditions out there are pretty treacherous in some locations."

First snowfall could hit Saskatoon this weekend

Environment Canada is issuing a special weather statement for what could be Saskatchewan's first major snowfall of the season.

It applies to the areas of Saskatoon, Kindersley, Rosetown, North Battleford, Melfort, Tisdale, and Prince Albert.

"Basically it looks like quite a snowy day likely on Sunday, particularly in areas north and west of Saskatoon" said Environment Canada meteorologist Mark Melsness.

Regina retailers welcome first substantial snow


Even in Saskatchewan many of us don't particularly like snow, especially after that first sprinkling of the fall when we aren’t quite ready to accept the reality of another winter.

PHOTOS: Snow falls throughout southern Saskatchewan

People across Regina groaned Monday morning as they looked out their windows and saw the first snow of the season.

In the city's downtown most weren't surprised to see snow fall on Oct. 21, but many were disappointed.

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