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Cold snap not leaving Queen City

Anyone expecting relief from the cold didn’t get it Saturday morning, and likely won’t for the rest of the weekend.

“Wind chill values are still going to be in the -36 C range throughout the day and into tonight as well. They definitely could return to extreme values on Sunday night and into Monday morning. So a blustery start to the work week,” said meteorologist Shannon Bestland with Environment Canada.

Bestland said it’s important to cover up with temperatures that low.

As cold sets in, SaskEnergy expects to break nat. gas consumption records

With a cold snap well settled into the province, SaskEnergy has predicted  they will set records when it comes to the amount of natural gas use in the province.

The record was previously set on Jan. 18, 2013 when Saskatchewan used 1.18 petajoules.

“That would be about the equivalent of filling just over 2.5 million standard-sized barbecue tanks with natural gas," explained Casey MacLeod, communications officer with SaskEnergy.

Airport ground crews work through bitter cold

Kelvin Sproule is bundled up as he works in the bitter cold at West Wind Aviation at the Saskatoon airport.

"They're getting ready to tow that 1900 Beechcraft into the hangar so hopefully it doesn't freeze," he said, pointing to other members of the ground crew working on a nearby plane.

As a member of the ground crew, he's making sure planes are fueled, their power charged and the ramp is clear of snow.

"In a 12 hour shift, you're probably out there maybe six hours at a time," he said.

Regina cat rescued from extreme cold after a month missing

A Regina cat is happy to be back with his family after surviving the recent extreme cold—and they're happy he's alive after being missing for a month.

Misha, a ten-year-old orange house cat, had been missing for weeks. His family had been canvassing their neighbourhood, putting up posters and doing everything they could think of to track him down when he was finally spotted just eight blocks from home. The person who noticed him said he appeared to be frozen to the ground after trying to absorb some heat from a dryer vent.

Advice from winter warriors on how to handle the cold

It’s the kind of cold that makes you shudder before you go outside, your fingers freeze within seconds of exposure and even running from the house to the car makes you want to blast the heat.

But not everyone has that option. So what can winter wimps learn from people who are outside all the time?

Mission Ridge crews busy making more snow ahead of opening

Business is about to pick up at Mission Ridge Winter Park and while skiers and boarders don’t depend on natural snow it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Crews are busy making more snow and the park should be ready to open by Saturday. Snow School Director Anders Svenson is confident the opening date will stay the same.

“So far so good. We’re at about 60 per cent of our snow-making right now is complete; we should be about 90 per cent done by the weekend,” he said.

Some ice and snow on highways but storm warnings over

The winter storm that hit south Saskatchewan on Monday wasn't as bad as it was supposed to be, but we didn’t escape complete.

Regina had a few centimetres of snow but areas south and west of the city got a whole lot more. A section of Highway 1 west of Swift Current still has a "travel not advised" warning but the alert that had been issued for areas west of that has now been ended. A travel warning for the Moose Jaw area on Highway 13 has been rescinded as well.

Alberta storm disrupting air travel in Saskatchewan

Stormy weather in Alberta has helped cause flight delays at the Regina International Airport.

Southern Saskatchewan did not see the amount of snow expected Monday but surrounding areas have.

Airport CEO Jim Hunter says bad weather to the west and south of Regina has wrecked a bit of havoc on air travel.

"Any storms like this will maybe, possibly delay aircraft getting in here because other centres from which they originate are experiencing the weather, Calgary being a good example of that," said Hunter.

Regina snow plows prepared for a winter storm

The City of Regina dodged a bullet on Monday with a lot less snow than what was forecasted by Environment Canada.

At one time the city was waiting for up to 25 cm, or nearly 10 inches. But that quickly changed to roughly five cm, or about two inches.

Parking lot plowers want more snow to clear

People who plow parking lots are hoping the snowy weather picks up soon.

Dave Reimche who owns Reimche Excavating said this winter is off to a slower start than last year. He was also left a little disappointed Monday when the winter storm warning was lifted and he found out Regina and southern Saskatchewan didn't get as much snow as first forecasted.

"All of a sudden they lift that storm warning and it's like oh...darn," he said.

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