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Main city streets clear but slippery sections on highways

While much of the city was celebrating at least someone was working on Sunday night because the main streets of Regina are clear of ice and snow.

You will likely still need to take some extra time on your commute to work because some roads are still a bit slippery and residential streets are snow covered.

Regina police were called to 47 crashes within the city over the weekend due to slippery conditions but luckily no one was badly hurt.

Weekend snow makes for bad roads in S. Sask

After receiving around 10 cms (4 inches) of snow throughout the day Saturday, Regina’s roads were still dangerously slick Sunday morning as city crews worked to clear main roadways.

Regina police said they dealt with 33 vehicle accidents in the 24 hours since the snow began, and three of them had minor injuries.

Highways in southern Saskatchewan were a hazard as well, with one 100 km stretch of Highway 1 closed for a number of hours as RCMP worked to clean up an accident where three semi-trailers had collided near Mortlach.

A snowy Santa Claus parade brings in the holiday season

It might not have been the optimal weather conditions to stand outside waiting for Santa, but a large number of people gathered on Saturday afternoon to watch jolly ol’ St. Nick take a quick lap down South Albert Street.

The 28th Annual Santa Claus Parade started just after 1 p.m. as parents and their kids lined the streets waiting to get their first peak at Santa Claus for the season.

Travel on Highway 1 not recomended

A crash near the small town of Parkbeg forced RCMP to close down a section of the Trans-Canada Highway Saturday.

RCMP said three semi-trailers had jackknifed and collided just eight kilometres west of Parkbeg, which is a 45 minute drive west from Moose Jaw.

Few details have been made available about the specifics of the crash. RCMP did have the 100 km stretch of highway between Rush Lake and Mortlach closed for several hours as they cleaned up the crash.

South Sask. sees snow and slippery roads

It’s not going away any time soon.

A snowfall overnight Friday and into Saturday morning has made for some slippery conditions around Regina and in most of southern Saskatchewan.

Snowy travels expected for Rider fans heading to Calgary

The road to the West Final in Calgary may be a snowy one for any Roughrider fans in Saskatchewan making the trek to McMahon Stadium.

"We have a lot of snow coming—even for Saskatchewan—over the weekend," said John Paul Cragg, meteorologist for Environment Canada.

"Starting Friday and ending Saturday, we have some snow falling and it looks like we may have to extend the warnings that we have out in Alberta."

Slippery conditions on highways and some city streets

Rain over night and cooling temperatures this morning may create some slippery sections on your morning commute.

West bound lanes of Highway 1 from Morris to Rush Lake were closed for a few hours due to a crash but it reopened before 9:30 a.m.

So far the Highway Hotline is reporting winter conditions on most highways in the southern half of the province, but drivers are reporting some very slippery conditions.

Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts underway in Saskatoon

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, which is now estimated to have killed 2,275 people, Saskatoon's Filipino community is mobilizing to offer their support.

"It becomes very emotional when you hear the stories coming through" says Mike San Miguel, President of Saskatoon's Filipino-Canadian Association (Filcas).

In the days following the devastating typhoon, Miguel has been inundated with calls, emails and social media messages from those affected, and from those who want to help.

Province commits to 6 new highway cameras this winter in Saskatchewan

Despite some hesitation, the Government of Saskatchewan is now confirming more cameras will be placed on highways in the province to improve safety for drivers when road conditions deteriorate.

Six new cameras will be installed on five different highways across the province by this winter season. That’s in addition to the four cameras the province currently has in operation.

“Coming off a winter like last winter, I think people will appreciate it,” said Highways Minister Don McMorris .

Rider fans to fight the cold during Sunday's game at Mosaic

It's not great timing; you can expect very chilly temperatures for tomorrow's Rider game versus BC at Mosaic Stadium.

While we've been fortunate enough to dodge the cold over the past while, Dave Carlsen with Environment Canada says as murphy's law would dictate, the coldest day in the next week just so happens to be the beginning of the west semi final.

"We're going to be looking at temperatures at kickoff time around -10 or -12," he said.

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