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Reginans still find reasons to be outside on coldest day of winter

Wind chills got as low as -51 C in Regina on Sunday, but some people still found a reason to head outside.

At mid-afternoon, Bradley Hanowski was walking around Wascana Lake.
“I always go for a walk around the lake. It’s a bit chilly with the wind, but it’s nice to be outside,” he said, adding that he would normally be running but had injured his leg.

But while Hanowski was outside trying to improve his health, others were outside trying to destroy it.

Winter sinks to a new low in Regina

It’s the type of day that can test your dedication to living in Saskatchewan.

Temperatures in Regina dipped down to -33 C on Sunday morning as a cold blast of Arctic air continued to clench its icy grip around the Canadian Prairies.

But it was the wind that was really astonishing.

“Minus 33 all by itself is cold. But you add in winds upwards of 20 or 30 kmh and that really whips away that little warm layer of protection and lets the cold get right to the skin,” said Environment Canada meteorologist Jim Slipeck.

Cold cancels winter festival in Buena Vista

As cold winter temperatures continue to reign in Southern Saskatchewan, some communities are having to postpone events and plan around it.

The 4th Buena Vista Winter Festival was set for Saturday but is now being moved to a later date because of the frigid weather.

"I think we would have gone ahead with (the festival) but the horses are a big draw," explained Donna Hall of the Buena Vista Winter Festival committee.

Update: Wind chill warnings across province as deep freeze settles back in

After a slight upwards tick in temperatures brought snow and high winds Friday, Regina and the rest of Saskatchewan have now settled back into a deep, frigid cold.

Early Saturday morning, Environment Canada began sending out wind chill warnings across the province, including in Regina where they were nearly – 40 C early on. Those wind chills are expected to stick around until Monday afternoon, and what’s even worse is they will get colder. Environment Canada has predicted -50 C wind chills for Sunday morning.

UPDATE: Highway crashes slow traffic all over southern Sask.

Regina is seeing a slight reprieve from what has been a long cold snap in the southern half of the province but warmer temperatures and heavy snow are causing a number of highway crashes.

Cold makes for "worst Christmas season ever" at ski hill

For some, the extreme winter weather experienced in south Saskatchewan seen lately is a bit of an annoyance. But for Don Williams it’s starting to affect his livelihood.

“This has, without a doubt, been our worst Christmas season ever on record,” said the owner of Mission Ridge Ski Hill. “There’s nothing like -30 C to keep people at home.”

Williams said December is usually their most lucrative month but they’ll now be spending the rest of the year trying to “catch up.”

“There’s not a whole you can do about -30 C weather. It just is what it is,” he said.

Saskatoon can expect more cold weather in early 2014

Tomorrow might be the start of a new year but it will bring more of the same bitterly cold weather.

The start of January is expected to be colder than normal, according to Environment Canada.

“I mean we are talking about 17 degrees colder than it should be for this time of the year. This isn’t even the dead of winter yet. We still have three weeks to go before we see typically, on average, when the coldest moments are,” David Phillips, meteorologist with Environment Canada, said.

ATV falls through ice on Moose Jaw River

Police are warning people to stay off the Moose Jaw River.

The Moose Jaw Police Service said in a release that an ATV fell through the ice on Saturday afternoon.

Luckily, the driver was able to get out before the ATV completely fell through.

But now, that person has been charged with driving an off-road vehicle within city limits.

Police say the ice doesn't completely freeze due to the constant flow of water underneath and it isn't safe for people to drive on.

Environment Canada developing new cold weather warning

Environment Canada is coming up with a new way to warn people about very cold weather.

In the future, the national weather office will give a new warning for cold weather instead of the wind chill.

Meteorologist Blair Morrow explains they're developing an extreme cold warning. He said currently, there's nothing in place to warn people of cold temperatures even when the wind is calm.

"There's no warning when the temperature is very low and there's very light wind, in other words, no wind chill."

Regina launches program to reward sidewalk shovelers

The City of Regina is looking to reward helpful neighbours who keep sidewalks clear during the winter.

The Snowbusters program will recognize volunteers who help clear their neighbour's sidewalks.

"For those who help out those neighbours in need, those who have disabilities or can't get out to do their own sidewalk, will be entered into a contest and at the end of the year they can win a snow blower," said Mayor Michael Fougere as he announced the new program Monday morning.

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