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City says salt is ineffective in Sask. winters

The city did everything they could to keep the Sid Buckwold Bridge safe over the weekend.

But as the mercury dipped below –30 degrees, even the city’s best techniques couldn’t prevent a 16 car pileup late Friday night.

“When the conditions are as extreme as they were on Friday, sand is not as effective during a normal winter road conditions,” Pat Hyde, director of public works said Monday.

“Bridge decks are sanded every four hours but due to the extreme cold temperatures that existed Friday and surface conditions, all bridge decks were sanded every two hours.”

UPDATE: Coldest December in Saskatoon since 2009

A blast of arctic air this week may lead some to believe this has been the coldest December ever.

But that dubious distinction still belongs to December 1917. Environment Canada meteorologist John Paul Cragg said that year saw six days below -40 C and 16 below -30 C. By comparison, Cragg said this month ooks positively balmy with only a five days so far below -30 C so far.

UPDATE: Arctic air to hang around Saskatchewan

Be prepared to bundle up again Monday morning and for the foreseeable future because the cold dry weather is expected to stick around.

“It looks like we’re going to be in the grip of arctic air for at least the next 10 days to two weeks,” said CJME Weather Specialist John Wilson.

We should get a minor respite with temperatures expected to  warm up a bit towards the end of this week, but it's back into the deep freeze again next week

Deer population down; government accused of ignoring warnings

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) and other hunters are concerned about the future of white-tailed deer after a harsh winter was followed by no reduction in the amount of hunting licences issued for the game.

Even the furry get cold: Animal protection swamped as temps. drop

It’s not just humans that want to head inside when the frigid winter temperatures settle in. Animals do to. And it means a lot more calls of stray animals finding warm places to stay, giving animal protection officers more than enough work.

As the wind chills settled last week, Officer Trisha Zaph was on the job, wearing a brand new pair of winter boots, ski pants, a toque and mitts. With four years of experience as an animal protection officer, Zaph knows how to stay warm. But she also knows that stray animals are trying to do the same thing.

Saskatchewan to get small reprieve from wind chill warnings

The cold North winds are easing their grip on Saskatchewan but they aren’t quite letting the province go.

“We’re right on the edge of a baroclinic zone; the boundary between slightly warmer air and the really cold air that’s over most of Saskatchewan,” Environment Canada’s Dan Fulton said.

In Saskatoon and Regina that means temperatures will rise from last week’s mid -30 C and -40 C wind chills to between -19 C and -29 C with wind chills in the high 20s.

Both cities will have periods of light snow on Monday.

Winter care for canines and cats; tips from the SPCA

Don't let your pooch turn into a ‘pupsicle’ this winter.

The SPCA reminds people that when the mercury begins to drop, don't let Fido and Fluffy freeze in the snow. Pets are just as susceptible to hypothermia or pneumonia as humans and chances are if you’re cold, so is your pet.

“A lot of people view their pets as family member so you wouldn’t want to leave your family member outside in the cold so it’s best to just bring them inside where it’s nice and warm. If they do have to go outside monitor them frequently,” SPCA animal protection officer Stacey Greke said.

Wind chill warnings lifted in Queen City

With freezing cold winds bringing temperatures down into the – 40 C range throughout the weekend, Regina  had wind chill warnings lifted Sunday morning as a less-powerful system moves into the region.

The warnings were lifted just after 9 a.m. for most of the province, with the exception of the southeast corner where wind temperatures were still low. By 11 a.m. however, all warnings had been cancelled.

Flights south fill up as temperature in Sask. drops

All this cold weather in Regina has many people of warmer climates, according to numbers from CAA Travel.

“Ever since the cold hit, it has been very busy and definitely people want to get out of here sooner rather than later,” said Angie Thachuk assistant manager at CAA Travel.

Thachuk said people started booking flights for this winter season as early as last year, so space is becoming more and more limited. That’s especially true on connecting flights to Costa Rica.

Too cold to go skiing at Mission Ridge

After spending the better part of the week preparing the slopes with artificial snow, the Mission Ridge ski hill was unable to open this weekend as planned. The reason? It’s too darn cold.

Officials with the park made the announcement late in the week as temperatures fell as low as -39 C and wind chill temperatures reaching – 44 C on Friday.

Don Williams is the owner and manager of the winter park. He said it just isn’t fair to his staff.

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