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Northern SK judge throws out 5 photo radar cases

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a northern Saskatchewan judge has found some photo radar images not worth charges against some drivers, throwing out five cases.

Judge Martinez dismissed the cases last week, each centering around a photo taken by the same radar at a spot on Highway 55 near the town of Peerless, all in the same day. In each case the driver was charged with "driving faster than 60 kilometers per hour when passing highway workers or occupied highway equipment within a work zone," and in each case Judge Martinez found the driver not guilty.

Farmer rescues stuck bus near Canora

It was almost a typical Saskatchewan scene on Friday night after a Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) bus got stuck on a snowy, icy highway near Canora.

The bus was heading east from Saskatoon on Highway 5. By about 9:45 p.m. it was only a few kilometres outside of Canora when it hit a patch of ice on a curve.

“The driver was travelling at low speeds going around a curve,” said STC chief operating officer Dean Madsen. “Simply, what happened was the back end of the bus was sliding into the ditch and got stuck there.”

Social Services minister grilled over $3,600 car service bill

Saskatchewan's opposition is blasting the Social Services minister for her transportation expenses during a trip to England last year.

During Question Period at the legislature on Tuesday David Forbes, the NDP's Social Services critic, took June Draude to task for spending more than $3,600 on transportation during a four-day visit last year.

CAA Saskatchewan launches annual Worst Roads Campaign

Drivers in Saskatchewan can once again cast their vote for the worst roads in the province.

CAA is rolling out the annual Worst Roads Campaign starting April 1 and running until April 25.

City of Saskatoon delves deeper into PPP Canada details

Going through PPP Canada will save the City of Saskatoon close to $27 million dollars, but council will have limited powers when it comes to adjustments along the construction phase.

At Monday’s executive committee meeting city councillors and the mayor learned more details about the PPP Canada procurement process to fund the North Commuter Parkway Projects, which consists of the North Commuter Bridge and the Traffic Bridge replacement project.

Sask. provincial park campsites 40 per cent full

The weather might not feel like spring this weekend but thousands of people have already booked their campsites at Saskatchewan Provincial Parks.

The online camping reservation system opened on March 2 and after the first three weeks, Mariane Wihack with SaskParks says 26,500 reservations are on the books so far.

“On average I would say it’s about 40 per cent of our campsites that are reserved at this point,” she said. “Some of the more popular parks are probably verging on the 50 per cent reserved state.”

Saskatchewan man married in midst of Ukraine crisis

As protests turned deadly in Kyiv and Ukraine became embroiled in an international political crisis, one Saskatchewan man was just trying to get to his wedding. By the time he was set to fly home the Russian army had taken over the airport he was supposed to leave from in Crimea.

Al Brewer is finally back at work in Weyburn after a whirlwind wedding trip to Ukraine during the last three weeks of political chaos.

Minister of Parks apologizes for glitches in online booking site

People who love to camp in the province are not too happy with Saskatchewan Parks’ online campsite reservation system.

Monday saw the launch of the booking season with spots in a group of parks in the north/northwest part of the province up for grabs. But with incredibly high traffic, many people didn’t get the site they wanted because they were booted off the site. Some were even overcharged on their credit cards.

Campers took to Twitter and Facebook to complain and express their frustration. One woman said she was left with an $8,300 charge.

Student exchange cancelled amidst ongoing Ukrainian conflict

Civil unrest in Ukraine is jeopardizing the future of a 20-year student exchange program between the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Board and the Ukrainian Ministry of Education.

Scheduled to travel to Ukraine for three weeks, seven students and parents were notified last week that the bi-annual student exchange would be cancelled for 2014 because of the growing tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

Laurianne Gabruch is a teacher at Bethlehem High School and has been organizing this trip since 1996.

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