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Saskatchewan teen dies in Arizona plane crash

A Saskatchewan teenager is one of four people who died in a plane crash in northern Arizona on Sunday.

The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office identified the victims Thursday as 18-year-old Johanna Naber of Shellbrook, west of Prince Albert and 19-year-old Sabrina Giebelen of Germany. Two Americans were also killed in the crash; Jonathan McGeary, 22, and Levi Wallace, 23.

STC increases bus fares

As of August 1st it's going to cost more to travel around the province with on Saskatchewan Transportation Company buses.
STC fares are increasing 5.5 per cent on average. For a fare like Regina to Saskatoon that increase will mean a ticket goes from $46.35 to $49.00.
Candace Phelps, executive director of strategic planning and communications for STC, said the increase is, in part, due to higher costs.

Assault rifle, pistols seized at North Portal border crossing

Border officers at the North Portal crossing caught two different men trying to bring multiple weapons into Canada this week.

On Saturday officers stopped a 50-year-old man from Michigan trying to come into Canada. They searched his vehicle and found a loaded .40 calibre semi-automatic pistol, a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic pistol, 11 overcapacity magazine clips, one shotgun, parts for an M-16 assault rifle, two butterfly knives, and two switchblades.

James Lewis Harper, 50, was arrested and is facing three charges.

Tourism Saskatoon accommodates staycations

A new survey suggests many Canadians are staying close to home this summer, which is welcome news for Tourism Saskatoon.

The survey by says the high price of gas, accommodations and high air fare means 23 per cent of Canadians will not be travelling this summer.

Sask. to eastern Ukraine; couple separated by civil war

A Saskatchewan man who got married in the middle political chaos in Ukraine is still separated from his wife by an escalating civil war.

CAA Sask. warning travellers visiting eastern Ukraine

Canadians are being urged to take extra precaution before heading to parts of Ukraine.

The shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has not changed the national travel warning to the European country, but flights are being rerouted around eastern Ukraine which is largely in control of Russian separatists.

PHOTOS/VIDEO: Progress continues in Sask. flood recovery

Nearly two and a half weeks after heavy rainfall led to devastating flooding in Saskatchewan's south east, progress is being made in the recovery.

On Wednesday morning, the province released an update in collaboration with several agencies and ministries.

Saskatoon woman recalls terrifying flight

Randi Grandel said she was already scared before she went to the airport in Toronto on Friday to catch her plane home to Saskatoon.

"The day before, I had a dream that the plane crashed... I'm really scared of flying," she said.

That dream felt closer to reality when shortly after take off, Flight 323 from Toronto to Saskatoon turned back when there was a problem with the cabin pressurization system.

Saskatoon-bound WestJet flight turns around amid cabin pressure issues

WestJet is apologizing for an incident that dropped oxygen masks and forced a Saskatoon-bound flight to turn around Friday.

Shortly after take off, flight 323 from Toronto turned back after the pilots noticed a warning light that suggested there might be a problem with the cabin pressurization system.

"So they followed the check-list that they have for all problems and they were unable to solve it themselves," WestJet Spokesman Robert Palmer said.

Highway crash splits truck in two, sends four people to hospital

A crash just east of Shellbrook early Monday evening sent four people to hospital and totalled two pickup trucks.

RCMP said it happened on Highway 3 near the town of Holbein at 5:14 p.m.

Their preliminary investigation indicates that a red Dodge pickup was travelling eastbound on Highway 3 when a blue GMC pickup crossed into its path at the intersection of Highway 693.

The Dodge had its front smashed off and wound up sitting on its roof in the ditch. The GMC was split in half.

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