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It's never safe to pass a snowplow: Sask. highways

It's never OK for drivers to pass snowplows clearing Saskatchewan highways during the winter-driving season.

As snowplows clear snow off the highways, they create a snow cloud that prevents drivers following the truck from seeing oncoming traffic. Doug Wakabayashi with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure ensures that operators will pull over periodically to let traffic go by. Wakabayashi admitted, however, that there isn't a specific standard set out for how often that should be.

1 fatal, numerous collisions in southern Sask. Friday

An icy commute Friday morning led to a number of crashes in southern Saskatchewan, and at least one of those was fatal.
RCMP closed Highway 46 from Regina to Pilot Butte before 8 a.m. after a two-vehicle crash that closed the highway for several hours. The collision involved a silver two-door Pontiac Sunfire and a semi truck.

Mounties say the driver of the Pontiac was heading east on Highway 46 when he lost control. A semi driving behind the car was unable to stop and crashed into the Pontiac.  

Tiny per cent excessively speeding past Sask. photo radar cameras

The number of people who are really heavy on the gas pedal when it comes to driving through photo radar zones in Saskatchewan is barely even measurable as a statistic.

In the past SGI has provided radar statistics showing the number of drivers who were speeding by at least 20 or 30 km/h in school zones or high speed locations, respectively.

PHOTOS: Former Saskatoon resident says Maritime winter 'relentless'

The winter of 2015 in the Maritimes has been "relentless" according to a former Saskatoon resident.

Kate Peardon, who now calls Nova Scotia home said the latest winter blast from Mother Nature was like a "weather bomb."

"In the city, downtown Halifax, they had about 12 centimetres of snow. Where I am, I got hit with at least 40 cm of snow."

Photo radar shows Sask. drivers slowing down

It's only a couple of months in but the Saskatchewan government says it is already seeing the benefits of photo radar.

The province announced on Tuesday that the number of drivers speeding through radar zones has dropped month over month from December to January.

Here are the stats when comparing the number of violations per day between the months:

2 Saskatoon men cut from Mars One mission

There will be no mission to Mars for two men from Saskatoon.

Andrew Cooper and Justin Semenoff were knocked out of the running for a controversial plan by a Dutch-based organization to establish a colony on Mars by 2025.

Mars One, the non-profit organization spearheading the project, says six Canadians did make the latest cut.

Regina vacationers head south for Family Day weekend

Those of us in Regina seem to be taking more hot destination vacations now versus any other time during the year.
The Art of Travel's Dana Sokoloski was quick to point out how this is the busiest week of the year for the agency, attributing that to the cold weather obviously, but also to a number of other different reasons.

Sask. group offers help on snowy roads

We've all been there: car not starting on a cold winter morning -- or even worse, stuck in a snowy back alley or side street.

Now, a group is offering to lend a hand for free.

Gas prices jump 10 cents in Regina

Just when we thought we could get a break on gas prices they're on the move again, and not in the direction anyone likes.
On Tuesday morning, some gas stations in Regina were reporting prices of 98.9 cents per litre. That's a ten cents jump overnight.
Once again, it is unclear why these hikes happen.
While oil is recovering, it is not back to the highs we have seen in the past nor is it is expected to rise to over $100 anytime soon.
For now customers will likely keep filling up at the price of the day.

Highways, streets covered with snow in southern Saskatchewan

A snowfall overnight is making way for a snowy commute Tuesday morning.

In southern Saskatchewan, travel is not recommended on the Trans-Canada highway west of Swift Current in the Maple Creek area. It is also not recommended north of Maple Creek up to Highway 44, just south of Kindersley.

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