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University of Regina students say yes to U-Pass

Students at the University of Regina have said yes to having a universal bus pass.

Voting started on Monday on a referendum to see if students would prefer to have a $70 to $90 bus pass added to their tuition each semester.

When voting ended on Thursday, 1,520 students voted yes to having the U-Pass, with 1,278 saying no.

Students who live outside of Regina, or who live within one kilometre of the campus, would be able to opt out from the program.

Saskatoon man picks wrong Sask. winter to move east

A Saskatoon man coaching volleyball in St. John’s this semester is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to winter weather.

For the second time this week, the East Coast is getting slammed with a blizzard and blowing snow advisory.

“I think I did pick the wrong Saskatchewan winter to leave but I still think this is better than -40 C. I haven’t seen colder than – 15 C yet this winter,” Cisco Farrero said.

3 flown to Regina hospital after crash on Hwy 1

Three people have been flown to Regina by air ambulance after a crash between a semi and a car on Highway 1 at Indian Head.

The collision happened early Wednesday morning at the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 56.

RCMP said the injuries to the three people in the car aren't life threatening. The two people in the semi were check by paramedics and released.

The westbound lanes of the Trans-Canada Highway have reopened after being closed for several hours.
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SGI says fewer drivers speeding by photo radar cameras

SGI says the latest numbers out from photo radar cameras show that drivers are slowing down.

Eight cameras rotate around 28 different locations in Saskatchewan, and have all  been in operation since Dec. 8, 2014.

Overall, February saw less drivers speeding by those cameras than the previous months. Regina's Ring Road and Highway 1 east of Regina were the only locations that saw an increase in the number of speeders going by the cameras per day.

New cross-border deal between Canada and U.S.

Travel to the United States by road, rail and sea could undergo a major revamp as the result of a new agreement between Canada and the U.S.

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson have signed a customs pre-clearance agreement that was years in the making.

The arrangement would allow customs agents work in each other's countries, which means they could screen passengers away from the border and ease the choke points.

Pothole paranoia sweeping Saskatoon

As warmer temperatures melt away the snow, potholes are slowly being unmasked in Saskatoon and it’s causing drivers a lot of grief.

“This is the one (pothole) that made me kind of cry,” said Jenna Flynn, pointing to a large crater on Quebec Avenue just north of 33rd Street. “You can’t get around it and when you try, you’re scared you’re going to hit the other cars parked on the road.”

New security area up and running at Saskatoon airport

Frequent flyers will notice some changes at the Saskatoon International Airport following the opening of a new expansion.

On March 4, a new passenger screening area went into operation. Located at the back of the check-in area past the Tim Hortons, the new screening point moves the often lengthy queue from the centre of the airport to a larger area encased by glass.

PHOTOS: Loose plywood from truck crashes through Sask. man’s windshield

Jonny Gibson believes a hot drink on a cold drive saved his life after a giant piece of plywood came crashing through his windshield.

“The split second I was leaning over was the split second this huge chunk of plywood went through my window,” Gibson recalled.

He said he was grabbing his drink from the cup holder in his driver-side door. At the same time, a white truck with loose debris in the back of its cab passed him on Highway 3 just south of Prince Albert on Feb. 21.

Blowing snow causes slowdowns on Sask. highways

Snowfall and high winds caused havoc on Saskatchewan's highways Monday.

With a blanket blowing-snow advisory across the province, locals around North Battleford, Unity, Kindersley, Rosetown and Martensville reported snow drifts building up on various highways, as well as poor visibility.

New president, CEO of Regina Airport Authority revealed

The Regina Airport Authority is welcoming a new president and CEO, Dick Graham.

Graham, who is from Regina, is trained as an engineer and has held executive and senior management roles for over 20 years.

In this new role, he says his biggest challenge is long-term growth.

"I think it's fair to say the whole province isn't going to look the same in ten or fifteen years and the airport has to be out in front of that," said Graham.

Graham insists he's walking into a well oiled machine already, but that's not stopping him from trying to expand.

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