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Highway 11 reopens after wicked weather, crash cause closure

Highway 11, between Davidson and Regina, has reopened after blowing snow and a jackknifed semi closed down the stretch of road for four and a half hours Wednesday afternoon.

RCMP said the semi took up both southbound lanes but they managed to free up one lane and allow cars to pass around 6 p.m.  Travel is still not recommended along the highway and RCMP were redirecting traffic to the Legion Hall in Craik and the Town Hall in Davidson which are open to stranded travellers.

Drivers in Regina paying more for gas

Drivers in Regina are seeing a higher price at the pumps this week.

The price of gas has gone up at least six cents per litre in a week. At most stations, the price was nearly $1.22 Tuesday morning compared to around $1.16 a week ago.

Enpro gas price analyst Roger McKnight explained one reason for that happening could be something oil companies like to call 'restoring the market'.

Regina Car Share Co-op receives new vehicle

The Regina Car Share Co-operative is growing thanks to an investment from Oak Park Developments.

On Thursday morning, the car-share program announced a second vehicle had been added to its fleet, donated by the real-estate company. Starting in 2009, the program allows its 35 members to rent a shared vehicle at a cost of only five dollars per hour, and 25 cents per kilometre.

"Car-share vehicles tend to replace the need for about eight to 13 vehicles on the road with each one that's shared," said John Klein, the man who started the rental program.

UPDATE: Winter storm caused major crash west of Regina

All highways are now reporting good to normal winter driving conditions, but it was a very different scenario on Wednesday night as a winter storm created treacherous conditions on highways resulting in at least one major accident west of Regina and compelling the Highways ministry to close Highway 1 from Regina west to Belle Plaine.


Regina city council to deliberate making accessible cabs more accessible

There could be some changes coming to the City of Regina’s taxi cab bylaws that will make it easier and more affordable for disabled persons to catch a ride.

The Community and Protective Services Committee is recommending that council pass a motion to increase the number of accessible cabs from four to ten this May with a study on doubling in the next four years.

Lower dollar may help overall economy but will hurt consumers

A lower Canadian dollar might help out the country's economy but it will hurt consumers in the process.

The dollar closed on Monday at a value just below 90 cents U.S., a four-year low. It was pushed lower by concerns over the American dollar and other foreign currencies.

Heavy trucks causing headache for Dewdney residents

Nearly three years since the Global Transportation Hub opened for business west of Regina, and heavy truck traffic is causing concern amongst Dewdney Avenue residents and bringing heat on the province from the NDP.

When Alanna Kalyniuk first bought her home on Dewdney Ave. five years ago and described it as a residential area. She said there was always busy traffic on the main roadway, but not the type that would shake her windows and rattle her walls.

YQR flight turns back around after engine problems

A United Airlines flight from Regina to Chicago has made an emergency landing. The plane had to turn around when there was a problem with a thruster. The crew had to shut down the left engine.

It happened just before 9:30 a.m. The plane had taken off about 15 minutes before having to turn around.
Steve Burchi is Vice President of Operations at the Regina Airport Authority. He said they notified the City of Regina, EMS, and the fire department of the problem.

STC subsidy falls for the first time in almost a decade

The government subsidy for the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) for 2014 has been approved, decreasing slightly from the sum given the year before.

STC will be receiving an operating grant of $10.3 million and a capital grant of $3.3 million, down from $10.5 million and $3.5 million, respectively, the year before.

"It's not (the goal) to reduce the subsidy...but we can't see the increase, I don't think, like we have over the last ten years," said Don McMorris, minister responsible for STC.

SGI showing extra interest in people driving out of province

When you go to renew your license plate you might notice that SGI suddenly seems to be taking a greater interest in your travel plans, asking more specific questions about how you will use your vehicle outside the province.

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