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Talks continue between transit union, city

After nearly eight hours of negotiations, the amalgamated transit union (ATU) and the city of Saskatoon still haven’t drafted a contract, but meetings will resume Thursday morning.

“It’s no secret that we have differences to make up and we’re going to continue those discussions tomorrow,” union president Jim Yakubowski said outside a hotel in downtown Saskatoon. “Anytime you’re talking you like to think you’re moving closer and certainly that’s why we’re here and we’ll see how things evolve and we’ll continue those discussions.”

Major Swift Current bridge may shut down for construction

Swift Current's main bridge connecting the north and south ends of the city will be under construction for the better part of next year.

A contract was awarded at this week's council meeting for work to be done on the 2nd Avenue overpass. Mitch Minken with the City admitted the construction may shut down the bridge completely.

"That's still to be determined," he clarified, "through the design process. But it will, at the very least, need to be restricted."

All crosswalk buttons operational in Saskatoon, city says

Recent reports reveal the majority of crosswalk buttons in some American cities have been deactivated for years—without pedestrians knowing—but the city says people in Saskatoon do have control when they push that yellow or silver button.

Saskatoon buys 10 new buses totalling $4.63M

City council approved the purchase of 10 brand new Nova buses Monday, coming in at a cool $4.63 million.

“It’ll be about $430,000 (each) plus the components we need to put into them, such as fare boxes and radios,” director of Saskatoon Transit Bob Howe said. “We’d be looking to see them on the road probably by late May, early June of 2015.”

Balgonie residents want province to curb Trans-Can accidents

A group of Balgonie residents want something to be done to curb accidents along an infamous stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway near their community.

Accidents are not uncommon in the section of road where the Number 1 meets Highway 46 and Main Street and some have fatal results.

“We’ve always needed an overpass. I’ve been here 50 years and we’ve needed one for at least the last 20,” resident Jeff Best said.

Chicago fire impacts Saskatoon flight

A fire that shut down both of Chicago's airports caused problems that reached all the way to Saskatoon.

Tyler Bradley was on a flight scheduled to depart for Chicago from the John G. Diefenbaker International Airport around 7 a.m. Friday.

"Right at the time of departure - five minutes before - we started to hear news of this.  Just very vague details."

Bradley and the others on the flight were told to go home and then return to the airport later in the day.

PHOTOS: 1 man dead after Hwy 1 crash at Balgonie

RCMP officers were on the scene of a crash east of Regina on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Mounties were called around 1:30 p.m. Thursday to the scene of a two-vehicle crash that happened on Highway 1 at Balgonie. A semi and SUV were involved in the crash.

Facebook page arranges rides during transit lockout

With buses not running in Saskatoon because of a transit lockout, a new Facebook page has been created to connect people willing to give rides with those who need them.

"I thought that based on the number of vehicles on the road with only one person in them, that there was an opportunity to try and connect those who are looking to get around the city with those who have an extra spot available in their vehicle," Doug Ramage, the creator of YXE Share-a-Ride, said.

Police ticket Sask. speeders, distracted drivers in August

Saskatchewan people continue to drive while using cell phones and police are catching them.

In August, 228 people were ticketed for using a cell phone while driving, 21 of whom were caught in a two-day period in Estevan.
Police in Saskatchewan were focusing on cell phone use in August, though that didn't mean they weren't looking out for other infractions. Ninety-one tickets were issued for driving without due care and attention, 206 people were ticketed for seatbelt violations, and 93 people were given tickets for impaired driving.

Highway crews repair damage at Belle Plaine overpass

The drive from Regina to Moose Jaw is going to take more time for the next few weeks as highway crews begin repairing a small landslide on the Belle Plaine overpass.

“The slide is caused by really wet conditions this year which we’ve had across the province. It saturated the embankment causing the land to slide a little bit,” explained Joel Cherry, a communications consultant for the Ministry of Highways. 

He says highway crews will use a different material to repair the embankment.

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