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2 Saskatoon men cut from Mars One mission

There will be no mission to Mars for two men from Saskatoon.

Andrew Cooper and Justin Semenoff were knocked out of the running for a controversial plan by a Dutch-based organization to establish a colony on Mars by 2025.

Mars One, the non-profit organization spearheading the project, says six Canadians did make the latest cut.

Regina vacationers head south for Family Day weekend

Those of us in Regina seem to be taking more hot destination vacations now versus any other time during the year.
The Art of Travel's Dana Sokoloski was quick to point out how this is the busiest week of the year for the agency, attributing that to the cold weather obviously, but also to a number of other different reasons.

Sask. group offers help on snowy roads

We've all been there: car not starting on a cold winter morning -- or even worse, stuck in a snowy back alley or side street.

Now, a group is offering to lend a hand for free.

Gas prices jump 10 cents in Regina

Just when we thought we could get a break on gas prices they're on the move again, and not in the direction anyone likes.
On Tuesday morning, some gas stations in Regina were reporting prices of 98.9 cents per litre. That's a ten cents jump overnight.
Once again, it is unclear why these hikes happen.
While oil is recovering, it is not back to the highs we have seen in the past nor is it is expected to rise to over $100 anytime soon.
For now customers will likely keep filling up at the price of the day.

Highways, streets covered with snow in southern Saskatchewan

A snowfall overnight is making way for a snowy commute Tuesday morning.

In southern Saskatchewan, travel is not recommended on the Trans-Canada highway west of Swift Current in the Maple Creek area. It is also not recommended north of Maple Creek up to Highway 44, just south of Kindersley.

A worrisome walk: White City pedestrian safety questioned

Lori Kopeck never thought her kids' experience growing up in White City would be so different from her own.

Kopeck is raising her family in the growing Saskatchewan town east of Regina. She is one of a number of parents in her neighbourhood concerned about children walking to the new elementary school without a safe pathway to be on.

Increasing violence in Ukraine felt in Saskatoon

The television has become too stressful to watch for Katya Khartova as reports from her home country of Ukraine show increasing violence everyday.

Khartova grew up in Ukraine and came to Canada almost seven years ago. She has a huge stake in the conflict because her mother is Ukrainian and her father is Russian.

"We could have been there still. My dad and my brother could have been killed by now, it could have been very much our reality," she said. "Things are getting really, really scary."

Some Sask. drivers still texting behind the wheel

It's been about five years since using a phone behind the wheel was made illegal in Saskatchewan but people are still doing it.
Texting while driving is the top concern for Canadian drivers, according to CAA, but about 22 per cent of Canadians admit to doing it recently. That number jumps up to 35 per cent in Saskatchewan, compared to 32 per cent in Alberta and 22 per cent in Manitoba.

Memorial for Saskatoon woman who died in Peru

Dozens of people packed in Emmanuel Anglican Church and the Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre Saturday to celebrate the life of a Saskatoon woman who died in Peru this week.
At the memorial for Jennifer Logan, small tokens and stones lay next to the guest book.

The 32-year-old was at the Canto Luz Centre outside Puerto Maldonado, Peru, when she reportedly had a bad reaction to drinking "tobacco purge" tea.

Plane makes forced landing north of Prince Albert

There were no injuries reported after a small plane was forced to make a landing Friday morning north of the Christopher Lake turnoff on Highway 2.

The small Cessna landed on the highway at around 11 a.m.

Darryl Naytowhow, who was driving into Prince Albert from Montreal Lake, was the first person on scene.

"I noticed the plane had just landed and the pilot was getting out and trying to get the plane off Highway 2," he said.

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