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Sask. police seeing no decline in seatbelt tickets

It seems as though attitudes about seatbelt use are stuck right where they were a year ago; roughly the same number of tickets were given out in the last two seatbelt enforcement blitzes.

In March, police across the province were keeping an eye out for people not wearing their seatbelts – both adults and kids – and people either not using or not installing properly a child restraint. In total, 452 tickets were given out.

The last time police did that blitz was in July 2014, giving out 431 tickets for occupant restraints.

UPDATE: Photo radar records more drivers speeding through school zones

SGI has released the latest photo radar numbers and it shows more drivers are speeding in school zones.

Regina saw the most school zone violations in March at 2,507 compared with 940 in February, a 166 per cent increase. There were 923 violations in Saskatoon school zones in March compared to 56 in February, 16 times more. Moose Jaw had the smallest increase with 201 violations in school zones during March compared to February's 96.

Driver charged after semi rollover on Highway 39

A truck driver is facing a charge after a rollover that shut down a southeast Saskatchewan highway Sunday night.

A 41-year-old Manitoba truck driver is facing one charge of driving without due care and attention. The charge comes after the truck he was driving rolled on Highway 39 near the Roche Percee Valley sometime Sunday.

Red light cameras see a rise and decline of collisions in 2014

The City of Saskatoon collected over $1.2 million last year from red light camera tickets, tripling the number of tickets issued in 2013. 

A report heading to the standing policy committee on transportation Tuesday breaks down where each of the 17,573 red light camera violations happened, what the violations were, and the collision rates in the four intersections where the cameras are.

Hazardous material leaks from semi after rollover on Highway 39

A semi hauling some kind of hazardous material rolled on Highway 39 Sunday night, resulting in the highway being closed for several hours.

RCMP didn't say what time the semi rolled, or exactly what was being hauled. Officers were on scene near the Roche Percee Valley by 5:30 p.m. Sunday.

Whatever was in the tank of the semi was leaking, and the highway was closed down. Commercial trucks were held at the border while other traffic was detoured around the area.

Mounties said there was no immediate danger to anyone living or traveling in the area.

Voting for Sask.'s worst roads continues

Some of the roughest roads in Saskatchewan are topping the 2015 list of worst roads in Saskatchewan.

For the fourth year, CAA is asking drivers to nominate roads they feel are the worst. The 2015 online campaign launched on March 25.

The results as of April 9 are:

Sask. highways minister agrees Highways 220, 322 terrible

Saskatchewan's highways minister, Nancy Heppner, took a drive down highways 220 and 322 to Rowan's Ravine -- and she agrees they're pretty bad.
People who live in the area and drive there regularly say the pavement has crumbled to the point where it's impassible. The highways have been closed to all but local traffic.

Broken pavement and cars: drivers rant about Highways 220, 322

The people who drive on Highway 220 and Highway 322 to Rowan's Ravine say the broken pavement is wrecking their vehicles and scaring tourists away from the provincial park.

This week the highways were closed to all but local traffic due to what the Ministry of Highways refers to as "severe surface breaks".

Justin Uhl drives a septic truck down both highways for work every day. He describes the pavement conditions as "undrivable".

PHOTOS: Snow blankets Saskatchewan

The snow is slowly tapering off after causing a rough commute on Saskatchewan highways Tuesday morning.

A few centimetres of snow fell throughout the morning. More could return Tuesday evening in the Regina area.
If you have to travel, be aware that most highways are icy with drifting and loose snow.

You can check Highway Hotline before your trip to see the latest conditions. 

The rest of the week is forecast to be sunny with a high of 10 C in Saskatoon and 9 C in Regina.

PHOTOS: Highways to Rowan's Ravine closed due to 'severe surface breaks'

Highways 322 and 220 to Rowan's Ravine Provincial Park are closed to all but local traffic.

According to the Highway Hotline, it's due to "severe surface breaks". There's no word when it will be re-open.

Ashlie Peakman posted this photo of Highway 220 to the Government of Saskatchewan Facebook page on Saturday. It's been shared more than 300 times since then.

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