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PHOTOS: Loose plywood from truck crashes through Sask. man’s windshield

Jonny Gibson believes a hot drink on a cold drive saved his life after a giant piece of plywood came crashing through his windshield.

“The split second I was leaning over was the split second this huge chunk of plywood went through my window,” Gibson recalled.

He said he was grabbing his drink from the cup holder in his driver-side door. At the same time, a white truck with loose debris in the back of its cab passed him on Highway 3 just south of Prince Albert on Feb. 21.

Blowing snow causes slowdowns on Sask. highways

Snowfall and high winds caused havoc on Saskatchewan's highways Monday.

With a blanket blowing-snow advisory across the province, locals around North Battleford, Unity, Kindersley, Rosetown and Martensville reported snow drifts building up on various highways, as well as poor visibility.

New president, CEO of Regina Airport Authority revealed

The Regina Airport Authority is welcoming a new president and CEO, Dick Graham.

Graham, who is from Regina, is trained as an engineer and has held executive and senior management roles for over 20 years.

In this new role, he says his biggest challenge is long-term growth.

"I think it's fair to say the whole province isn't going to look the same in ten or fifteen years and the airport has to be out in front of that," said Graham.

Graham insists he's walking into a well oiled machine already, but that's not stopping him from trying to expand.

Sask. campers book summer trips on improved gov't website

There's still snow on the ground but many campers in Saskatchewan are planning their summer trips into the wilderness.

Starting on Monday, campers can reserve a campsite at one of the province's parks.

Gas prices in Saskatoon climb over a $1/litre

It's been a while since gas prices topped over a $1 per litre in Saskatoon.

On Thursday many gas stations around the city started raising prices to $102.9 per litre. That's a 10 cent hike from where most stations were earlier this week.

But the hike hasn't hit all stations yet. As of Friday morning a handful of stations were still sitting at $97.9 and $92.9 per litre.

According to, Saskatoon gas prices are now above the provincial average of $96.8 per litre but still below the national average which stands at $103.9 per litre.

Therapy dogs greet travelers at Regina airport

Between delayed flights, long lines and lost luggage, anyone who travels knows airports can be stressful, but a new program at the Regina International Airport is wagging those worries away.

Burst sprinkler causes brief Saskatoon Airport evacuation

The Saskatoon Airport terminal was evacuated Sunday afternoon when a sprinker head burst open near the check-in counters.

The sprinkler inside the far-end doors broke around 12:30 p.m., sending water trinkling outside and pooling inside the terminal. The Delta Air, Sun Wing and Air Transat front desks along with an airport office were dampened by a couple inches of water.

Travellers waited outside in the cold for around 10 minutes while water streamed through the front doors.

There was no fire though and fire crews quickly gave the all-clear.

Prince Albert couple brings pregnant pup back from Cuba

Last week, a Prince Albert-area couple flew to Cuba expecting a leisurely holiday at the beach, but fate had a different plan.

Wendy Fyrk was sitting outside her rented bungalow, soaking in the sun when a very pregnant stray dog caught her eye.

“She stopped. She looked at me. She came walking up the pathway, and walked right up, and put her head in my lap. And it was just, I can’t even begin to tell you what the connection was. She looked up to me and was like ‘please can you help me,’” Fyrk said.

Drivers cross ice bridges at own risk, Warman Fire Department

The Warman Fire Department (WFD) says people take their lives into their own hands when they drive across the Clarkboro ice road.

The department says people cross the bridge over the South Saskatchewan River between Warman and Aberdeen at their own risk.

“We don't advise people to use it at all -- if you want to go over there, go ahead at your own risk but I know some people last week that have gone over,” fire chief Gord Thompson said.

It's never safe to pass a snowplow: Sask. highways

It's never OK for drivers to pass snowplows clearing Saskatchewan highways during the winter-driving season.

As snowplows clear snow off the highways, they create a snow cloud that prevents drivers following the truck from seeing oncoming traffic. Doug Wakabayashi with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure ensures that operators will pull over periodically to let traffic go by. Wakabayashi admitted, however, that there isn't a specific standard set out for how often that should be.

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