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Regina airport sees exodus of football fans

After a week-long celebration in Rider nation it’s time for CFL fans from all over Canada to head home.

The Regina International Airport was busy Monday morning with those fans who took part in the 101st Grey Cup festivities. Blue Bombers fans Chris Kroker and his son Chris Kroker Jr. were waiting to fly back to Winnipeg. The two soaked up the entire Grey Cup experience: the parties and the game at Mosaic Stadium.

Kroker Jr. said the memories that will stand out the most for him will be seeing Rider pride at its peak.

Rider fans rejoice after Grey Cup win

It was pandemonium in the streets and the information super-highway after the Saskatchewan Roughriders brought home the team's fourth Grey Cup Sunday night.

After a dominant victory over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats fans took to the streets and to the Tweets to celebrate. See some examples of the on-line jubliance below.

Grey Cup 101: RIDERS WIN

The battle for the 2013 Grey Cup is over and the Saskatchewan Roughriders will keep the championship trophy right here in Regina.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders turned in a dominant performance against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Sunday night, rolling over the Ti-Cats 45-23. The team had been on a mission all season; the opportunity to win a Grey Cup at home was only amplified by the fact that this would have been their last chance to win at the fabled Taylor Field/Mosaic Stadium site before Regina builds a new stadium in the years ahead.

GAME DAY: Riders battling Ti-Cats in 101st Grey Cup

It's the game 103 years in the making. The Riders are taking on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for the 101st Grey Cup on their home turf of Mosaic Stadium.

Wherever you may be, as you watch the game be sure to follow the Green Zone team on Twitter as Jamie Nye (@jamienye), Warren Woods (@WoodsyCJME), Darrell Davis (@DarrellDavisSK), Belton Johnson (@bjizzle56) and Joel Gasson (@HomeOfTheFans) break down the game as it happens.

CFL Fan March carries Cup through downtown

It's an opportunity CFL fans are reveling in ahead of game time—a chance to get their hands on the Grey Cup.

Included in the annual Grey Cup festivities is the CFL Fan March. Thousands of fans, mostly wearing Rider gear and green and white, gathered in the heart of downtown to trod through the melting snow on the way to Mosaic Stadium.

Along with them is the Grey Cup itself. Fans had the chance to hold Canadian football's most prized possession; many commented that it is a lot lighter than it looks.

PREVIEW: Riders hope to make history against Ti-Cats in 101st Grey Cup

For the last 365 days this is the moment that the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Rider Nation have been dreaming about.

It's a moment that seemed like a sure thing at times, and nearly impossible at others. The ups and downs of the CFL season have led us to this point, the biggest game in the 103 year history of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Darian Durant dedicates Grey Cup to his Grandmother

Darian Durant will be playing for more than himself on Sunday evening.

The Roughriders pivot who has everything in the world to play for when it comes to his team and his own reputation added another twist to the story during Saturday's final walk through.

Durant met with the media one last time following the team's final preparations for the Grey Cup and was asked by the Winnipeg Sun's Kirk Penton what he was playing for on Sunday. The answer was something that no one expected.

Sask. immigrants get crash course in Rider Pride

For a new-comer to Saskatchewan, Roughrider fans can seem pretty crazy.

This week, recent immigrants taking English classes at Saskatoon’s Open Door Society got a crash course in rider pride and the importance of Sunday’s Grey Cup.

Arfeen Zeesha emigrated from Pakistan nine months ago, just long enough to witness the madness of Rider Nation.

“They’re shouting too much, Go, go, go,” she said, referring to the green and white’s adoring fans.
“I heard about the team. They won three matches, 1966 and 1989 and 2007 and maybe... maybe in 2013,”

Riders ready for both Ti-Cats quarterbacks

The Saskatchewan Roughriders will probably be dealing with not one, but two quarterbacks during Sunday's Grey Cup.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have been known to rotate between both Henry Burris and backup Dan LeFevour. Head Coach Kent Austin hasn't been afraid to use LeFevour in important situations late in the game. The most recent example was the East Semi-Final win over Montreal when played most of the overtime period.

Young Rider fan writes parody song

A Saskatoon boy is so confident the Riders will win the Grey Cup, he has written a parody about it.

Jackson Grant, 10, and his mother rewrote Toby Keith’s Red Solo Cup. Grant said the song itself took about 20 minutes to write, but the filming was about 20 different takes.

Grant’s theory about Sunday’s winner is simple.

“Hamilton sucks this year,” he said, adding his favourite player is Weston Dressler.

“I’m the biggest Rider fan ever and Hamilton is going down.”

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