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Smaller surplus than budgeted by Sask. government

The Wall government says it hit its financial targets for the 2014-15 year.

Year-end financial results were released Friday, showing a surplus of $62 million. That's down $9 million from budget projections.

Total revenue reached $14.06 billion, while total expenses came in at $14 billion.

Oil revenues took a $285 million drop. However, a $146 million increase in revenues from potash helped offset that.

Lawyer says province's apology will help with 60s Scoop lawsuit

The Saskatchewan government's plan to apologize to victims of the Sixties Scoop holds even more weight because of a class action lawsuit, according to Regina lawyer Tony Merchant.

Merchant's law firm launched a class action suit on behalf of victims of the federal program last year. After Premier Brad Wall announced the government is planning a formal apology, Merchant said they will be applying for certification on Thursday.

VIDEO: 'Shame on ya' Obama tells heckler

Someone interupting President Barack Obama a White House event honouring the LGBT community got told to be quiet or get out.

"Listen, you're in my house," said Obama."Shame on ya."

"You can either stay and be quiet or we'll have to take you out. Alright, can we have this person removed please?"

Sask. health minister reacts to criticism on menthol cigarettes

Saskatchewan's health minister is responding to comments from his federal counterpart on banning menthol cigarettes.
Earlier this week, federal health minister Rona Ambrose said Saskatchewan was holding up a national ban on menthol cigarettes.
The comments came as other provinces grapple with the issue of flavoured tobacco, held by many to promote tobacco use among young people.

No more tampon tax in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan government is removing the provincial sales tax from feminine hygiene products.
PST will no longer be applied to products like tampons, sanitary belts and napkins and menstrual cups starting July 1. Those products are also exempt from GST as of July 1.
In a news release, Finance Minister Kevin Doherty said removing the sales tax from these products is the right thing to do.

The finance ministry says the change will mean $1.7 million less in PST revenue each year.

'We were both crying': Sask. to apologize for 60s Scoop

Robert Doucette cried over the phone with his mother after learning the government of Saskatchewan will make an official apology to victims of the 60s Scoop.

“I phoned my mother today and we were both crying about this because if and when Premier Wall does give a formal apology to us, my mother wants to be there. It wasn’t only the kids that suffered, it was the parents, it was the mothers, it was the mushums and kookums that all suffered,” Doucette, president of Metis Nation of Saskatchewan, said.

Saskatchewan's disability income barely covers expenses

Charlene Eger is grateful to get $1,300 a month as part of the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability program, but still she says the money barely stretches to cover rent, transportation and healthy food.

The Disability Income Support Coalition is asking the Saskatchewan government to increase that monthly benefit by an additional $250 per month.

Eger says an extra $250 would make a huge difference in her quality of life which is already lot better now than it was before the SAID program when she was living on welfare.

Groups question why Sask. isn't banning menthol cigarettes

Saskatchewan is standing in the way of a national ban on menthol cigarettes.
Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose said Monday that Saskatchewan's leaders showed resistance to the idea during national discussions.
Six provinces have already brought forward legislation to ban flavoured tobacco including menthol. They include Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and P.E.I.
Health groups are now calling on Saskatchewan Health Minister Dustin Duncan to justify his reasons for putting a halt to a national ban.

Sask. Metis leader, victim of 60s Scoop calls for apology

The president of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan, who was taken from his family as a baby and placed in a foster home, is calling on the province’s premier to follow Manitoba in apologizing for the 60s Scoop.

Robert Doucette was four months old when he was taken from his biological mother in Buffalo Narrows and placed with a foster family in Prince Albert.

Sask. serving new course for workers selling alcohol

All Saskatchewan employees who sell alcohol will be required to take mandatory server intervention training by 2018.

This comes after an announcement from the Saskatchewan government in efforts to curb drunk driving, violence, and underage consumption.

The training, which used to be voluntary, will be phased in over three years.

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