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Repealing peelers: Sask. taking back law allowing strippers

Just over one year after Saskatchewan made it legal for dancers to take off their clothes down to thongs and pasties at licensed venues, the province is changing its mind.

The premier told reporters on Wednesday that the province was taking back the part of Saskatchewan's new liquor laws that allowed stripping in places where alcohol is served. While the legislation allowed dancers to strip, it did not allow them to get naked.

PHOTOS: Students in Saskatoon call for free tuition

Students at the University of Saskatchewan demand free education, student-debt forgiveness and accessible education.

“The average student at this university will endure $28,000 in debt during undergrad. Furthering one's education should be a fundamental right for those who wish to pursue it and an ever-increasing tuition rate is taking the right away from so many of those living in our province,” said Mike Prebble, one of the students organizers behind the #RedSpring Rally at U of S Tuesday.

Daughter says healthy mother dies after falling from chair in Saskatoon senior home

Judy Hofer believes her 98-year-old mother would still be alive today if she hadn’t fallen from her care home chair earlier this month.

Lois Rein died on March 20 at the Circle Drive Special Care Home in Saskatoon, eight days after falling in her room. Hofer, who lives in Edmonton, said staff left Rein’s medi-chair in a forward-leaning position after her meal table was pulled away.

Speed limit reduction coming on College Drive

Drivers will be slowing down on College Drive.

Saskatoon City Council voted Monday night to reclassify the road from a rural highway to an urban expressway.

The move is meant to allow for the long-term construction of seven interchanges meant to serve neighbourhoods in the Holmwood development sector. The sector is expected to be home to as many as 73,000 people once it's fully built up.

City council approves new Regina microbrewery

There will soon be another place in Regina for craft beer enthusiasts to fill their growler.

On Monday night, council approved the application for a new microbrewery called Malty National Brewing Co. in the Heritage neighbourhood. It plans to open early this summer on 15th Avenue near Montreal Street and sell beer in growlers.

Growlers are a large, reusable beer jug made of glass or steel already being sold at existing brew pubs in the Queen City like Rebellion Brewing and Bushwakker Brewpub.

Regina city council puts additional funds towards stadium

The operator of Evraz Place is increasing its debt limit so you can buy food and drinks at the new Mosaic Stadium.
Regina city council approved Regina Exhibition Association Limited's (REAL) request to raise their debt limit to $13 million Monday night. REAL is borrowing up to $4 million to be spent on stadium concessions while the other $9 million is for ongoing maintenance and upgrades around Exhibition Park facilities.

Saskatoon city council votes not to help with slope failure

With a vote Monday evening, Saskatoon City Council appeared to drive the final nail into the coffin for a group of homeowners impacted by a slope failure in the Nutana neighbourhood.

Aggressive Saskatoon panhandlers giving bad reputation to peaceful ones

'Peter' stands near the corner of 21nd Street East and 2nd Avenue; his upside down baseball cap and sign a clear indication of his intentions. For the past few weeks he's had to panhandle in the city's core to afford a basic living.

He said illness put him in the hospital and he lost his disability insurance. While he waits for the appeal, every cost comes out of his pocket and no paycheck is replenishing the funds.

He knows he needs at least $45 a day to have enough for food, shelter and medication payments.

Understanding the Graduate Retention Program changes

A number of Saskatchewan people are trying to figure out what the changes to the Graduate Retention Program mean to them.

The program was changed with the provincial budget. It is now non-refundable, meaning the credit is applied to what is owed in Saskatchewan income tax.

Before, the credit went against the amount owed and the remaining amount of the credit was issued to the graduate as a refund.

Regina seniors question if budget does enough for long-term care

A change to the Saskatchewan Seniors' Drug Plan means anyone who makes more than $65,515 a year will not be eligible for the plan that caps prescription drug costs at $20.

At the Regina Senior Citizen's Centre, there was a little bit of concern and confusion over the change until people heard the income threshold only dropped from $80,255 down to $65,515.

"It's not bad for the lower-income people if they're not cutting it out," said Shirley Arnold. "Low-income people have enough trouble trying to make ends meet as it is."

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