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Regina mayor announces formal plan for inner city revitalization project

Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco is revealing a solid plan to try and move forward with a massive inner city revitalization project.

At a meeting on Monday, city council will vote on a three-phase plan that could see work begin on a new stadium as early as next spring.

Half a million dollars would be set aside to fund the first portion of the project. The city will begin formal negotiations with CP Rail to buy the container yards north of downtown right away.

FSIN Chief Guy Lonechild upset over name change

Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) Chief Guy Lonechild is upset after Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the federal department that deals with Canada's indigenous people is changing its name from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada to Aboriginal Affairs.

Prime Minister Harper made the decision during Wednesday's cabinet shuffle.

Vanscoy wants Highway 7 to stay where it is

The tender for the twinning of Highway 7 between Vanscoy and Delisle will be posted this summer but some in the village of Vanscoy aren’t thrilled with the plans the province has drawn up for the new four lane highway.

Sask. gov't ends Affordable Housing Rental Program

It could be great or it could be terrible - that's what a community group in Regina said about the changes to affordable housing programs the province announced on Thursday.

The government said it was ending the Affordable Housing Rental Program, and many of the people under that program will be moved into the Social Housing Rental Program.

"You just don't know how it'll play out until you kind of see some of the ramifications of it once the program's actually in place," said Tyler Gray with Carmichael Outreach in Regina.

Saskatoon welcomes Hillary Clinton with standing ovation

A crowd of about two thousand people gave Hillary Clinton a standing ovation as she took the stage at TCU Place Wednesday night.

The presumed 2016 US presidential candidate wrapped up a two-stop Canadian speaking tour labelled "Global Perspectives: A Conversation with Former U-S secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton".

The event was flanked by 65 secret service agents, along with the RCMP's special VIP service.

VIDEO: A virtual look at Moose Jaw's new hospital

As construction continues on a new hospital in Moose Jaw, the health region is giving a look at what the building will look like.

On Monday, the Five Hills Health Region posted a video of a 'virtual walk through' of the new regional hospital.

The provincial government first committed to building the new hospital in 2011. An opening date of 2016 was set.

Growth of Sask. manufacturing sales double national rate

In 2014, more people wanted more things with a 'made in Saskatchewan' label than anywhere else in the country, according to the provincial government.
From November 2013 to November 2014, Saskatchewan's manufacturing sales were up 6.2 per cent - twice as high as sales nationally, at 2.6 per cent.
“We have a thriving manufacturing sector in Saskatchewan which has helped offset some of the challenges faced in other areas of the economy,” said economy minister Bill Boyd in a news release.

Former SaskPower CEO now heading Bermuda organization

The man who resigned from SaskPower's top job following the failed smart meter program is now the head of the Bermuda Regulatory Authority.

Bermuda's The Royal Gazette reported on Jan. 8 that Robert Watson had been appointed to the authority. It regulates the telecommunications industry and will soon do the same for Bermuda's energy sector.

Saskatoon Muslims say religious insults are hate speech

A group of Saskatoon Muslims say insults to religion are not freedom of expression and should be considered hate speech.

Roughly 75 Muslims gathered outside Saskatoon City Hall on Sunday to protest the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo's depictions of the Islam prophet Muhammad.
The new issue has a cartoon of Muhammad, with a tear running down his cheek and a sign that reads "Je Suis Charlie.” Followers of Islam consider depictions of their prophet insulting or even a sin.

More than 20,000 Sask. drivers captured speeding in December

The first month of the photo-radar camera program in Saskatchewan captured thousands of people speeding by the cameras.

SGI had said earlier in the month that nearly 5,000 warnings had been given to speedy drivers. Now the crown has received a full set of data from Xerox, the company gathering the data, which shows a lot more notices will need to be sent out.

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