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Missing person

B.C. mother travels to Sask. to search for daughter

Leona Noble has traveled to Saskatchewan from her home in B.C. armed with hope and a metal detector to search for her daughter.

"I decided to bring my metal detector out this time. She had a necklace on. She never took it off," Leona said.

As Leona searches for the necklace with a blue stone set in a round swirl, she also wants to find her daughter and bring her home.

"Then, we can get her back to B.C.," she said.

Family still hoping Cruickshank will turn up

As the days and weeks pass the family of a missing Regina woman continues to hang on to the hope they might still see Kimberly Cruickshank again.

Monday marks exactly six months ago since now 28-year-old Kimberly Cruickshank was last seen in the city by a neighbour on March 23. It might not be getting any easier, but Kim’s sister Kristen still believes she’s out there. 

“We’re staying strong, hopeful,” Kristen said.

UPDATE: search for missing Lampman girl ends

It took a week but RCMP have found a 15-year-old girl they say ran away from home in the Lampman area, northeast of Estevan.

This afternoon the Mounties revealed that Caitlynn Mathieu has been reunited with her family. Police had asked for help from the public in their search and they got it; a number of calls from the area were received.

Mathieu had last been seen on the morning of Sept. 13 leaving for school. Police said she had taken steps to avoid police and family, refusing to come home.

Police look for missing boy, 11, from Saskatoon

Saskatoon police are looking for a missing 11-year-old boy who was last seen Sept. 10.

Morgan Grant Clearsky was last seen leaving his school in the 200 block of Avenue S South at around 11:30 a.m. He was wearing a red hoodie, grey sweatpants and black, high-top shoes.

Police have tried to find him at a number of addresses but have not been successful.

Clearsky is described as five-foot-four tall, 200 pounds with brown hair and eyes.

Regina Police need help finding boy who won't return home

The Regina Police Service (RPS) is looking for a little boy who apparently wants to stay missing.

The police say 12-year-old Logan Acrossthemountain ran away from his family's car on September 13th on the 1200 block of 15th Ave., officers have been looking for him ever since.

The RPS acknowledges he seems to be avoiding going home, but they're worried that he's vulnerable on his own because of his age. An officer apparently came across him Monday but he gave police a false name so he wasn't taken home.

UPDATE: Missing Herbert man Henry Gin was murdered

79-year-old Henry Gin, who was reported missing from Herbert Saskatchewan on Sept. 11, was murdered.

The RCMP Major Crimes Unit have charged 25-year-old Zuo Yu Qiu, (also known as Jerry,) with second degree murder.

Gin was reported missing by his family last week after a friend of his hadn’t been able to find him for several days. Tuesday morning, he was found dead in a ditch near a field 10 kilometers southwest of Morse.

Herbert "at a loss" after 79-year-old man goes missing

A community east of Swift Current is still confused and devastated after a man who lived there disappeared.

Seventy-nine-year-old Henry Gin was last seen around Sept. 6 in the Town of Herbert. Those who live there say Gin has been around the area for as long as they can remember, describing him as a “lovely fixture”.

“He’s a friendly man, very good-natured,” said Mayor Doreen Schroeder.

Schroeder said Gin was in the downtown area every day, at one time helping out at a local pharmacy. He also helped film many community events over the years.

Family takes action in Regina to find missing loved one

After two weeks without contact, a family has taken action to try and find their missing loved one.

A walk will be held in Regina Saturday to try to raise awareness about the disappearance of 23-year-old Richele Bear.

The Regina woman has not had contact with her family since Aug. 9th, but was last seen by a friend two weeks ago.

“She was just hanging out with friends and that was that I guess,” said Angie Gray, Bear’s aunt. “She left and no one’s seen her since.”

UPDATE: missing diabetic man near Herbert was murdered

The RCMP’s major crime unit has now deemed the disappearance of a man from Herbert as a murder.

It’s been over a week since Henry Gin was last seen, but his disappearance was reported on September 11 to the Morse RCMP detachment. Less than a week later RCMP announced that they had charged a 25-year-old man with second degree murder.


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