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SK Children's Advocate looking at 26 children's deaths in 2013

There were 26 children who died in care of Social Services in 2013. The alarming number is being noted in the Saskatchewan Children Advocate's annual report.

But Bob Pringle is pointing out that we don't know how 10 of those children died.

“A number of those deaths, it just so happens, how things go sometimes, occurred close to the end of the year," said the Advocate.

Ticks emerging in Saskatchewan

Camping season is just around the corner and some pests are preparing.

"We're actually starting to hear of a few reports of ticks," said Phil Curry, entomologist with the Ministry of Health.

Curry said this is about normal for ticks to appear and even a little bit late because of the cool wet weather that has been sticking around.

"They become active at about four degrees, so we are starting to see some ticks in certain areas," he said.

Plan to widen and fix Victoria Ave east delayed

A plan to help alleviate some of the traffic congestion on Regina’s east end by widening a stretch of Victoria Avenue won’t go ahead for the time being.

“The widening will not happen this year,” stated Mayor Michael Fougere.

17-year-old teens killed in Saskatoon crash

A 17-year-old boy and girl are dead and three others injured following a violent three vehicle crash on 22nd Street Monday night.

Dozens of onlookers huddled around a barrier of police tape as emergency crews dealt with the aftermath.

A car was embedded roof-first in the front of Harder's Family Wellness Centre on the corner of Avenue M with a green Chevy pick-up pinning it there. An SUV also lay idle in the eastbound lanes of 22nd Street with its front bumper smashed in.

Video shows Woods purchasing poly wrap, hacksaw

Security video shows a man accused of killing his wife buying polyurethane wrap and a hacksaw on the day his wife Dorothy went missing.
The purchases match the items listed on a receipt found during a police search of David Woods' garage. Woods can be seen entering the Co-op Home Centre on 8th Street with his son on Nov. 12, 2011, the day after she was last seen.

Douglas Hales murder trial begins in Saskatoon

A long-delayed murder trial got underway in Saskatoon Monday.

It's been almost 10 years since Daleen Bosse went missing. The 26-year-old was last reported to have been seen on May 18, 2004.

Her body was found just north of Saskatoon, in a rural area near Martensville in August 2008. At that time, Douglas Hales, now 36, was charged with her murder.

Food Bank donation drive ushers in Hunger Awareness Week

Truck loads of groceries made their way to the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre Saturday as part of the annual spring food drive.

With 500 volunteers picking up donations on doorsteps and nine city-wide drop-off locations, the summer drive helps the food bank get through the summer.

Cool weather no deterent for Montgomery community garage sale

It’s a neighbourhood tradition that can’t be stopped.
Despite cool temperatures, hundreds of people flocked to the Montgomery Place neighbourhood Saturday for the community-wide garage sale parade.

The annual one-day event dates back more than two decades and has become a staple not only to those in the community, but the entire city.

Pothole patching blitz couldn't come soon enough

The City of Saskatoon’s pothole patching blitz can’t work fast enough.

Since Jan. 1, the City has received more than 120 claims from drivers whose vehicles were damaged from encountering sinkholes, potholes and utility cuts on the road.

Jordon Volk is one of the latest casualties.

“I was travelling on Circle Drive going towards the cloverleaf at Taylor Street,” Volk said. “I was shoulder-checking and speeding up and as soon as I looked ahead I saw a huge pothole that I could not avoid.”

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