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Elm tree pruning ban ends

Sunday marked the end of the provincial ban on pruning elm trees.

The ban is put in place each summer to help prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease (DED).

Pruning the tree attracts the elm bark beetles, which spread the disease and are most active during the summer months.

Throughout the year, provincial DED regulations restrict elm storage. Elm branches, logs and firewood must be disposed of at approved sites such as the Saskatoon landfill.

The City of Saskatoon said there is no DED in any of the 25,000 boulevard and park elm trees.

Use of drones while hunting now banned in Sask.

The province is grounding the idea of using drones for the purpose of hunting.
A ban on the use of drones while hunting is now part of the Saskatchewan Wildlife regulations. For the most part, "Fair Chase" is compromised when unmanned aircraft come into play.
"That's what it boils right down to, are you giving the animal the proper amount of opportunity to not become harvested and get away from you," said Darrell Crabbe with the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation.

Police look for suspects following bear spray attack near Broadway

A seemly random attack at a Broadway-area bar late Friday night has Saskatoon police searching for suspects.

At around 1:20 a.m., one or more people let loose with bear spray near the entrance to the Hose and Hydrant on 11th Street E.

Two people were sprayed directly while a number of others in the building were hit with residual spray.

All the victims were decontaminated on scene by MD Ambulance. Police said no other injuries were reported.

Milky Way customers brave wasps for ice cream treat

With colder temperatures at night, wasps are now out in full force looking for something to eat before the winter hits.
Wasps are circling your favourite foods, but that's not stopping people from getting a treat at Milky Way Ice Cream.
"I've been around Saskatchewan too many years to be afraid of wasps," said Betty Shorten
Owner Ryan Boldt says wasps have always been a problem.

SGI says they’re reviewing distracted driving law

A Saskatoon businessman’s complaint over the new SGI distracted driving laws has prompted a review from the provincial government.

“We've been inundated with emails and phone calls from Canada Post and other businesses that could be affected by this and people are very concerned this could happen to them,” Kevin Boychuk said.

Sask., B.C. remove barrier on wine trade

Many in Saskatchewan are raising a glass to the announcement that Saskatchewan and British Columbia are removing trade barriers on locally-made wine and craft spirits.
It means people in Saskatchewan will be able to legally order B.C. wines--and vice versa-- and have them delivered to their doorsteps.
The agreement was announced Friday at the premiers meeting in Charlottetown. Premier Brad Wall said B.C. Premier Christy Clark has been a voice for more "common sense" when it comes to free trade.

Transit unable to run full service for start of school year

A lengthy lineup of city buses needing repairs has forced bus route cancellations just in time for the beginning of a new schoolyear.

Transportation Safety Board says weather can cause train derailment

Weather isn't always a factor in train derailments, but it has played a role in some.

On Thursday night, people driving through a storm near Waldeck reported seeing as many 40 Canadian Pacific Rail cars that appeared to have blown over in the wind. CP Rail cannot confirm the exact cause of the derailment at this point.

Dressler's father happy Weston back in Riderville

As Rider fans continue to celebrate the return of Weston Dressler, his biggest fan is celebrating along with them.

Dressler's father Rick says it was a fun few days as Weston included his family in negotiations.

"Just the way the fans and the organization has treated him. These people took him in like one of their own."

Supreme Court ruling stalls Hales verdict

A Supreme Court ruling is putting a twist on a Saskatoon murder trial.

Friday was supposed to be the day that Queen's Bench Justice Gerald Albright delivered a verdict in the Douglas Hales murder trial-- instead, lawyers set a date to make one more round of arguments in the long-delayed court case.

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