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Saskatoon Justice League works with city's charities

Superman watched over Metropolis, Batman looked out for Gotham City, and the Justice League of Saskatoon (JLS) is watching over the city's streets.

Saskatoon's Batman, Sebastian Van Esch said that JLS doesn't fight the city's crime but still plays an important role.

"We don't start fights ... if someone calls us something or makes fun of the fact we are in costume we let it slide. We are there for the kids," Van Esch said.

Eagle's Nest helps young people cope with mental illness in P.A.

Ian Buckwold, 64, was a well-known Saskatoon lawyer and worked in the community to help people with mental health issues until his death July 14.

His daughter Jessica said at his funeral that he became involved with mental health awareness because his son Alvin has suffered from schizophrenia for years.

VIDEO: Pawless puppy finds new home, potential career

A puppy with a unique disability has found a happy ending after being taken to a new adoptive home.

Mordecai, known as the Pawless Puppy, was born on the streets of the northern Saskatchewan town of La Loche back in January. He lost his back paws after they froze in the frigid winter temperatures but he was taken in and cared for by Prairie Sky Rescue.

Former councillor traces the steps leading to the Circle South Bridge

His grandfather was there in 1907, and on Wednesday Glen Penner plans to walk Saskatoon’s latest river crossing, the Circle Drive South Bridge.

“Prior to Saskatoon being a city, there were three communities, Riversdale, Nutana and Saskatoon (Downtown) they came together to form Saskatoon and the Traffic Bridge played a big part in that,” said Penner, who was on council in 2008 when the idea of another bridge was being debated.

Queen City Ex to kick off with a bang

The sights, smells, and sounds of the fair have come to Regina once again.

The Queen City Exhibition, formerly Buffalo Days, kicks off Tuesday night at 7:00PM with the annual parade.

Event Coordinator Josh Shaw says there's a good reason why the parade was planned for mid-week, and not the weekend before like in previous years.

"We just felt we were losing a little bit of momentum having the parade on the Saturday," Shaw says. "Then you're waiting four or five days until the event itself."

Rocanville farmers fight government for compensation on oil rights

Driving north on Highway 8, the canola blooms. Every once in a while the yellow flowers part and you see the oil wells. The relentless pumping eventually becomes part of the landscape. It’s not until you near Rocanville that the pumps disappear. You may not even notice they’re gone until you come upon the oversized steel oil can next to the welcome sign. This place is where the titans of potash and oil intersect.

Remembering victims from Lloydminster crash

Kale Ockenden laid flowers at the makeshift grave marker for two of his friends on Monday afternoon.

"I grew up in Marshall with Jayden and Kris and I just met Tarren last year, but we always hung out together," said the 17 year old.

The three died in the crash that also took the lives of three girls from Lloydminster early Saturday morning.

Sask. needs tougher animal abuse laws: report

An annual report is pinpointing the easiest places in Canada to be an animal abuser, and Saskatchewan is one of them.

A group called Animal Legal Defense Fund recently reviewed and ranked animal protection laws for every province and territory. Saskatchewan came in tenth, unchanged from last year.

Grief counsellor reflects on coping skills for communities following tragedy

When there are no words to express sympathy, your presence will say it all.  That is the advice from a trauma counsellor to the people who are grieving in Lloydminster, Marshall and Lashburn.

John Adams is a family counsellor in Regina but often travels to communities that have been struck by tragedies similar to the crash that killed six teenagers near Lloydminster this weekend. In his experience he says it helps when the families come together and lean on each other for support.

Equine escapee apprehended in Saskatoon

Saskatoon police had to call in the horse whisperers on Sunday morning.

At about 8:45 a.m. officers arrived at Boychuk Drive and Highway 16 after getting a report of a horse running loose on the road.

Patrol officers found the animal trotting northbound on Boychuk Drive. Police kept vehicles and pedestrians in the area back as a safety precaution. 

They tailed the stray steed through Moncton Place, then east along College Drive.

Another patrol officer was finally able to corral him at McOrmond Drive. 

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