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$35 million investment to repave sections of highway in SK

The Saskatchewan government has announced four new highway improvement projects this year with money left over from Building Canada Fund.

Highways Minister Don McMorris says the province saved $16.5 million on two other projects that were previously approved under the federal program. The provincial government will also kick in another $18.5 million to make up the total estimated cost of $35.1 million.

“It’s great that we can see some of the savings we had on other projects and reinvest it into highways,” McMorris said.

City looking into water-bill mix up for some Reginans

The City of Regina is looking into a mechanical problem that caused a bit of a mail mix-up over water bills for some residents.

Recently, an equipment malfunction resulted in some customers receiving an envelope with more than one invoice in it, usually including someone else's water bill. Linda Unger is the manager of corporate information governance with the city clerk's office. She explained that an investigation has already begun to fix the problem that has occurred at least once before.

Girl killed in skiing accident remembered by cheerleading team

A young girl from Langham killed in a skiing accident last week will be remembered at a Saskatchewan cheerleading competition Friday and Saturday.

Rachel Deugau, 12, was a member of the Warman Ultimate Cheerleading club and was supposed to compete this weekend in Warman.

Now, her coach and owner of Warman Ultimate Cheerleading, Leslie Stevenson, said they will sell purple ribbons at the competition will all proceeds going to the SPCA in Rachel's name.

Saskatoon has youngest population in Canada

Saskatoon is managing to stay young even while the city's population grows.

According to Statistics Canada, Saskatoon has the lowest average age of any major Canadian city at 34 and a half years old. The average age for a major Canadian city is 39 years old.

In terms of population growth, our city is still among the best in the country. Growth for Saskatoon is at 3.9 per cent, which is more than double the national average.

The only city growing faster than Saskatoon is Calgary, which has a growth rate of 4.3 per cent.

Saskatoon LGBT activist weighs in on Ugandan law

Tom Rogers with Integrity Saskatoon is optimistic when it comes to Uganda's new anti-gay law.

"It's a step backwards in Uganda for sure, as it was in Russia" he said. "But each step backwards, I think, is often met by a few steps forward."

Integrity Saskatoon is based in the Anglican Church, and offers advocacy and support to the LGBT community.

On Monday, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed into law a bill which imposes harsh penalties for homosexual acts.

Councillor asks committee to disregard latest revitalization report: Riversdale

One city councillor wants city planners to ignore a report outlining revitalization strategies in Riversdale.

“The report did not meet expectations,” Ward 2 Councillor Pat Lorje said Tuesday. “It was a mismatch between what the Riversdale business community is looking for in terms of revitalization of 20th Street and what this Toronto company felt was required.”

'Good Samaritan' says he's not the hero

A man from Marquis, Saskatchewan is being hailed as a hero but he keeps insisting he doesn't deserve it.

A winter storm raged last Wednesday, making the highways a scary place to be. On that day Darren Thul pulled over on Highway 1 and to help Heather Gilchrist who had been knocked unconscious and was sitting in the freezing cold.

"She had told me that it was my voice that brought her back to consciousness."

Her truck had rolled in the ditch, one of the windows was broken and she was sitting inside. Thul waited with Gilchrist until the EMS came.

Sask doctors 'Choosing Wisely' to limit certain medical tests

Saskatchewan doctors are ready to roll out a new strategy to limit certain medical tests including routine chest X-rays for annual physicals and pap tests for women under 21.

Doctor Claire Kozroski is the President of the Saskatchewan Medical Association she explains that this is all part of a national strategy called ‘Choosing Wisely’ and it will be implemented on a case by case basis.

Regina family grateful to 'Good Samaritan' who saved daughter's life

A stranger who stopped to help a young woman who rolled her truck last week on the icy highway between Regina and Moose Jaw is getting a big thank you from her family.

Wind chill warnings for southern Saskatchewan

It's the last week in February and temperatures are still frigidly cold and don’t expect any real relief for the rest of the week.

A wide swath of southern Saskatchewan was under a wind chill warning Monday morning with temperatures dipping below -45 C. John Paul Cragg with Environment Canada said those severe weather warnings should be lifting by noon but the wind chill will likely return overnight and into tomorrow morning.

“We’re looking at lows between -25 C and -30 C,” said Cragg. “Those wind chills could be extreme depending on how strong that wind is in the morning.”

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