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Win for Quinn Stevenson

A crowd wearing “win for Quinn” T-shirts and signs goes wild when Shea Stevenson scores a penalty shot for his brother Quinn.

Skating down center ice wearing his brother’s number nine Bruins jersey, Shea puts the puck top shelf.

The ASHL Bruins are Quinn’s former team and Wednesday night’s game at the Jemini arena in Saskatoon is all about him. The team asked Shea to play in Quinn’s place and he happily accepted, with the approval of the league and The Bang Gang, the opposing team.

Battle for parking spots continues at Regina General Hospital

A nurse at the Regina General Hospital says she's fed up with getting parking tickets every time she works.

Nicole Robertson says the dearth of parking at the hospital means staff are forced to park on the street. She often gets multiple tickets each shift because she can't move her car to another spot every two hours, as required by the city's bylaws.

"I can completely understand," Robertson admits, conceding the law is the law, "but my point is that we really don't have any other alternative."

Lawsuit over sexual dysfunction linked to hair drug Propecia

He simply wanted more hair, but now his sexual life is suffering.

With the help of Tony Merchant, a 34-year-old Regina man is launching a class action lawsuit against Merck & CO., including Merck Canada Inc. which markets and distributes Propecia and a similar drug called Proscar. Those drugs are used for hair restoration.

The statement of claim outlines how in 2007 the man had a lump on his head removed. His doctor had given him a free sample of Propecia to regrow the hair where his lump was removed as well as a prescription for more.

Chocolate-covered bacon headlines unique treats at Saskatoon Ex

Sweet and salty. Who says you can't have the best of both worlds?

For those who passed through the gates of the Saskatoon Exhibition this week were welcomed with an array of deep fried foods and unique combinations, like chocolate-covered bacon.

"I just had some chocolate-covered bacon and it was fantastic," said Gage Fletcher. "Bacon goes well with everything but the thing that comes to mind is heart attack, clogged arteries but also deliciousness."

After taking a bite off a strip of bacon on a tiny skewer, Fletcher became a believer.

Saskatoon church contributing to renewable energy movement

It is a unique way of combining stained glass and solar cells to produce power.

The Cathedral of the Holy Family in Saskatoon has been connected to the city’s electrical grid since the end of July.

“The amount of power generated from the solar cells will likely never get out onto the grid. It will most likely all be consumed within the church,” said Kevin Hudson, manager of metering and sustainable electricity with Saskatoon Light and Power.

Parents of killed Saskatoon teen humbled by support

Quinn Stevenson's parents are overwhelmed by an outpouring of support for their son after died in a car crash over the weekend in Saskatoon.

Craig and Bonny Stevenson said Quinn was driving to meet a friend for coffee before his 5:30 a.m. shift at the Saskatoon Golf and Country Club when he was involved in a two-vehicle collision near the University of Saskatchewan.

Opening Day at the Ex, up 15 per cent from 2012

It wasn't a record, but it was still a strong opening day crowd at the Saskatoon EX.

Just over 28,000 people came through the gates on Tuesday, that's up 15 per cent from last year.

The Saskatoon Ex is open daily through to Sunday at Prairieland Park.

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SPCA warns residents against leaving pets unattended

With the recent death of a number of cats that were dumped on a property in the Rural Municipality of Prince Albert, Debbie Lehner with the SPCA is cautioning pet owners in the area.

“We are aware that there are many individuals trapping cats in Prince Albert,” said Lehner. “And we know that some of them may not be brought here, but we don’t know what’s happening to them.”

She added there have been stories and rumours, but no basis to run off of.

“I would say the deaths of cats are more predominant from what we’ve seen,” said Lehner.

Lots of interest in having pythons as pets in Regina

Despite a 4.3 metre (14 foot) python being responsible for the deaths of two young boys in New Brunswick, an exotic pet store owner in Regina feels the animal is still relatively safe.

Stuart Cook with Prairie Aquatics and Exotics said, for the most part, that snake isn’t as dangerous as it’s perceived even though it is illegal in Saskatchewan.

“The majority of species, I don’t think they’re something that poses any form of a threat to people,” Cook said.

Social worker fired for wrongly collecting government benefits

The government has fired a social services employee who provided false information to receive income-support benefits.

The employee collected $9,000 over a seven year period between October 2007 and March 2013.

The missing money was disclosed Tuesday in a losses of public money report within government ministries and crown corporations from April 1 to June 30.

The employee, who wasn't named in the report, was terminated and the government is working on getting the money back.

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