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Saskatoon student housing pricey but available

Despite ranking among the top 10 most expensive Canadian cities to live in, Saskatoon's housing market continues to accommodate the yearly influx of university and college students.

"Because our city, for many years, has been so geared towards that (student) market, it's like it's ready for it," Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors executive officer Jason Yochim said.

Old buses attracting tourists to Saskatoon

While some may question the City of Saskatoon’s move to purchase 20-year-old buses, there’s a rare breed of tourists salivating over the city’s acquisition.

“Unlike most tourists I don’t go to a place to go check out the sights; I’m a think-outside-the-box kind of guy," Elton McFall, 38, from Montreal said. "I’m just amused to be in a place and watch the kind of traffic. I came to Saskatoon to check all that out and I was aware that because of the dry climate, vehicles don’t rust so there are a lot of old buses.”

Regina drivers frustrated with rush-hour trains

Drivers who commute along Ring Road in north Regina are getting frustrated waiting for trains during rush hour.

Trent Oppeboen was among the long line of drivers stuck in a traffic jam for 15 minutes between Albert Street and Park Street Friday morning.

“Then when I got to Park Street, there was another train but (it) was just pulling ahead and backing up again,” he said. Oppeboen said the issue happens all too often during rush hour.

“Oh I’d have to say five to eight times a month,” he said.

SARCAN breaks down issue with broken glass

SARCAN is shedding more light on what glass recycling is like in Regina.
There was an uproar in Regina this week when it was revealed that the majority of glass residents put into their curbside recycling bins doesn't get recycled but ends up at the dump. SARCAN used to recycle the intact non-refundable glass for Emterra, the company contracted to sort Regina's recyclables .
Kevin Acton, director of operations for SARCAN recycling, explained that though they don't advertise it, they will take non-refundable items.

Town of LeRoy big step closer to rebuilding rink

The Town of LeRoy will have to make do without a hockey rink for a second consecutive winter.
A fire destroyed the building in May 2013 and Mayor Brian Thoen said the community has been working towards rebuilding ever since.
The Raise the Roof project has raised about $400,000 through community dances, corporate sponsors and a successful auction.

Cameco and United Steelworkers reach a tentative deal

It was a long night at the negation table, between union representatives and the Cameco Corp.

However, president Phil Morin with United Steelworkers Local 8914 in Key Lake and McArthur, said they have reached a tentative deal.

Morin said unionized workers stopped picketing this morning.

No details on the agreement have been released. Cameco has not provided a comment yet.

Workers have been off of the job since late August. After they had voted to strike, Cameco shut down operations at both sites.

Young jockey chasing win at Marquis Downs

On a chilly September morning, Isabelle Wenc has the track to herself as she speeds around on a horse named Toast 'n' Tea with only the horse's hooves pounding on the soft dirt breaking the silence.

The calm surrounding this warm-up will disappear when Wenc loads into the starting gate Friday and Saturday night.

"In the gate is probably the most nerve-racking part and then the race feels like it's five seconds," she said.

At only 19 years old, Wenc is the youngest jockey at Marquis Downs in Saskatoon and the only woman.

Family honours 3 brothers killed 6 years apart in Sask.

A farm family in southwest Saskatchewan mourning the loss of three sons is finding light in the darkness by creating an opportunity for young people.

The Arnal family has set up the Arnal Boys Memorial Bursary for Young Farmers. It has been put together to remember and honour the lives of three brothers who were killed in two crashes six years apart.

New signs inform residents about coyotes in city limits

The City of Saskatoon has started to put up informational signs in areas where coyotes have been frequently spotted.

According to pest management supervisor, Jeff Boone, it's very rare for a coyote to express interest in people or pets, but the signs are there to provide tips in case there is an encounter.

"It's very important to act big, bad and loud. Make noise, be sure that the animal is seeing you and be assertive," Boone said.

Parents concerned over makeshift bus stops in Willowgrove

A busy intersection in Willowgrove is concerning some parents after it has become the drop off and pick up point for school buses because the new schools in the neighbourhood aren't ready yet.

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