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Movie-inspired science at Ignite! festival

The mixing of art and science was celebrated at the Saskatchewan Science Centre in Regina over a two-day feestival.

A homemade telescope, robots drawing with markers and LEGO artwork of Rider players were on display at  the first ever Ignite! festival on October 10 and 11.
There was also a special musical performance by dry ice. Ryan Hill works at a sound studio creating noises that are used in film. By pressing metal against dry ice, he made experimental music full of high squeaks and low rumblings.  

Saskatoon tattoo artist using breast cancer scars as canvas

In a tattoo parlour located downstairs in a strip mall on Broadway Avenue, women bring the remnants of their battle with cancer to make works of art.

Mastectomy scars are the canvas for Eye of the Needle tattoo artist Baillie Fruson.

"My mother had breast cancer and she has horrible scars," Fruson said, of her personal connection to the cancer.

Tattooing for around 11 years, Fruson has combined her desire to help others with her work before.

Celebration of culture and community at Thanksgiving Powwow

The 16th Annual Northern Lights Casino Powwow is underway this weekend at the Art Hauser Centre in Prince Albert. 

Various performers, vendors, local residents and those traveling from different places are all coming together for the celebration.

Some Elders are sharing the importance of tradition and culture to younger generations.

Saskatoon author tackles population growth in new book

A Saskatoon author is calling for optimism in the face of a rising global population.

Paul Hanley has spent the last 25 years writing on environmental issues.

He said his new book '11' addresses a key challenge faced by policymakers and regular citizens all across the planet.

"The world's population is moving from around 7 billion today to around 11 billion by the end of this century," Hanley said. "What happens when population grows by 50 per cent and the economy is projected to grow by 500 per cent by the end of the century?"

UPDATE: Fire at natural gas station continues to burn

A fire at a TransGas natural gas storage facility near Prud'homme continues to shoot 18 metre flames.

TransGas spokesperson Dave Burdeniuk said the fire and an explosion started at 10:10 a.m. on Saturday when gas released from the wellhead of one of the underground storage caverns was sparked off.

Members of the Prud'homme and Vonda fire departments were called out to the scene, but the fire is expected could potentially burn for several days, fueled by the underground reservoir.

Planned outage darkens Thanksgiving dinner in Saskatoon neighbourhood

A planned power outage means Thanksgiving dinner might be a little undercooked for some Silverwood Heights residents Saturday.

The SaskPower outage was scheduled for between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. It is part of a larger system maintenance project for Silverwood and Lawson Heights that runs between Oct. 7 and Nov. 29.

The loss of power has ruined plans for some residents like Jared Cechanowicz, who said he spent a couple months planning a day that worked for the whole family.

Addictions doctor helps Saskatoon workers beat stress

A world renowned addictions treatment doctor is helping Saskatoon community workers beat stress and understand their clients better.

Speaking at the Saskatoon Tribal Council’s Illness and Recovery Across the Lifespan seminar, Dr. Gabor Maté offered his knowledge to social workers, teachers, tribal chiefs, health workers, and government employees.

Those who work with clients with addictions face not only their own personal stresses, but those of the client they are trying to help.

Cats only $10 at Saskatoon SPCA

The Saskatoon SPCA is hoping this Thanksgiving weekend, residents will have room in their homes and heart for a furry friend.

A special adoption drive is on until Sunday where all cats and kittens are only $10.

"We are at full capacity for cats right now," SPCA volunteer and public relations coordinator Cathy Brin said.

Brin said to help clear out the shelter and find new homes quickly, they decided to offer all the cats for a special price.

Turkey alternatives for Thanksgiving

If turkey isn’t doing it for you this Thanksgiving there are other options available from both ends of the health spectrum.

Take for example the Tur-Duc-Ken-A-Der at Dad’s Organic Market in Regina.

“What it is is turkey, duck and chicken. We have all three and we roll them into a loaf and then we put cherry smoked bacon around them,” explained Dad’s meat manager Tim Brodt. “Juice from the bacon goes right into the meat which helps the flavour.”

Tofurkey popularity growing in Regina

Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse for many of us to gorge on turkey but not everyone enjoys the delicious bird.

Some can’t eat turkey because of allergies, or they choose not to in search of something healthier or because they’re vegetarian. That’s where the Tofurky comes in - a turkey made of tofu. It looks like a giant, overstuffed sausage and it’s a trend that’s growing in the Queen City.

“It is getting more and more popular. There is an avid following,” revealed Nick Gottinger, Assistant Manager of Dad’s Organic Market in Regina.

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