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Second round of mediation between service dog owner and cab company goes nowhere

The battle between a Saskatoon man, his service dog and one taxi company continues.

On Thursday, the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission met with Mike Simmonds -- a blind man in Saskatoon who recently filed a human right complaint after allegedly being refused service because of his service dog, Graham -- and Comfort Cabs for a second round of mediation.

However, nothing was resolved in the more than two hours of mediation, according to Simmonds.

Man completes trek of Trans-Canada Trail

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but for Dana Meise the journey was 16,000 km and the number of steps: about 25 million.

Meise is the first person to hike the entire breadth of the Trans-Canada Trail.

He started the journey in 2008 in Newfoundland. He would hike from the spring until the snow fell, taking winters off before resuming the trek. This year, with the finish line a mere 4,000 kilometres off, so he opted to hike right through the winter to wrap up in Victoria, B.C. this week.

Group petitions Moose Jaw to re-negotiate contract with Humane Society

A Facebook group is raising red flags about Moose Jaw's new animal control plans and now they have launched a petition to convince city council to re-negotiate a contract with the Humane Society.

Shawna Bonnett is one of the organizers for the group called Stop City of Moose Jaw from Impounding Animals. Within two days of the story breaking the page had more than 2,600 ‘likes’. 

Shellbrook woman hopes to return found ring to rightful owner

A Wednesday morning shopping trip in Prince Albert left Andrea Weberg with more than she bargained for.

She was with her son at the time, trying to get some last minute Christmas shopping done before going home to Shellbrook. Weberg said when she got out of her car in the Safeway parking lot, she noticed there was a box on the ground.

“I opened it and I saw that a ring was in it. So, I tried a different variety of stores that sold it to see if I could track down who possibly owned it or purchased it,” Weberg said.

First emergency landing for STARS air ambulance at Regina General

After nearly two years operating without it, the crew with STARS air ambulance in Regina are thrilled to finally be able to use the landing pad at the General Hospital.

The pad was put into use for a patient for the first time Wednesday morning after a single-vehicle rollover east of Regina. EMS cared for the patient until STARS was able to intercept the driver at Montmartre flying the patient back to the General.

"Everybody was very happy with how things went," said Sheldon Lund, an advanced care paramedic with the crew.

Regina shelter animals going home for the holidays

The Regina Humane Society is closing in on its goal for adoptions in December sending about 100 animals to homes this month.

Director of Communications Don Simons said right now, the Humane Society is caring for 248 animals, many of which are strays.

"Christmas day would be much better if they were at home with somebody," he said.

There's never really a wrong time to adopt an animal, according to Simons, and some people are buying pets just ahead of Christmas.

"Pets are not for Christmas, pets are for life."

Moose Jaw transit dealing with driver who kicked teens off bus

Moose Jaw Transit managers are considering installing security cameras on buses after an incident Tuesday, December 10th, where a bus driver kicked nearly 20 high school students off the bus and left them to walk in the  minus 30 degree weather.

Police in Moose Jaw said the driver was dealing with teens that were causing problems on the bus. Those students were handed over to their parents and were not charged.

Moose Jaw Transit Manager Mark Sture wouldn't say if the driver will face any discipline.

Canada Post has no time line for end of door-to-door service

Canada Post has some big decisions to make after dropping a bombshell on the country last week, but it admits it doesn't know exactly what comes next.

The Crown mail delivery company announced they'll be phasing out door-to-door mail delivery over the next five years. It's part of a plan to deal with dwindling profits and an economic failure that would be almost certain without drastic changes.

Saskatchewan enjoying minimal snowfall this winter

When it comes to snowfall this winter Saskatchewan is apparently getting off light.

David Phillips, Environment Canada's senior climatologist, said Regina and Saskatoon have only had about 15 centimetres, or half a foot, of snow so far this season.

"You typically would have about 30 (centimetres) by now. So you really only have about half of what you normally do."

But he noted that the extreme cold of recent weeks has ensured that, up until this week, not a drop has melted away.

Islamic group says guide dogs OK

An Islamic group in Saskatoon says Muslim cab drivers should offer rides to customers with guide dogs.

Mike Simmonds filed a human rights complaint last month after two drivers with Comfort Cabs sited religious concerns as the reason why they couldn’t offer his Seeing Eye dog a ride.

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