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Saskatoon 22nd Street lounge robbed at gunpoint

A Saskatoon restaurant and lounge was the target of a broad-daylight robbery on 22nd Street Wednesday.

Police say at around 2:30 p.m., a lone man walked into Mano's Grill and Brewhouse off Avenue V with a gun. He then demanded cash before running away.

Nobody was injured.

The suspect is described as a 25 year old First Nations man, 5 foot 6 in height, with a slim build. Police say he was wearing a green camo hoodie with dark lettering, dark coloured jeans, and grey high-top running shoes.

PHOTOS: House explosion at Regina Beach following natural gas leak

A fire is dying down after a house exploded following a natural gas leak at Regina Beach Wednesday afternoon, causing damage to buildings throughout the community.

"It's gone. It's literally ground level from what I've heard. Basically all the walls gone. The roof is in the trees somewhere," said Mark Oldershaw, who owns the home that blew up.

SaskEnergy says there was a natural gas leak after the ground shifted. Crews are looking for any other leaks in the community and will remain in the town overnight.

PHOTOS: Saskatchewan from space as photographed by Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield is in Regina to speak at the Conexus Arts Centre about his out-of-this-world travels and what he learned on his journeys.

While aboard the International Space Station, he sent back to Earth via Twitter photos he was taking of various locations.

Thalidomide victim encouraged by federal support pledge

Alvin Law was born without arms.

The Yorkton boy was one of the first babies in Canada to suffer the disastrous side-effects of thalidomide, a government-approved drug designed to curb morning sickness in pregnant women in the 1950's and 60's.

Today, Law has a successful public-speaking career, and is a member of the Thalidomide Victims' Association of Canada.

Saskatchewan might not get all money back from failed smart meters

REGINA - Saskatchewan's Opposition says the government's plan to recoup money for a smart-meter program that was linked to at least eight fires doesn't add up.

The fires last summer prompted the province to order SaskPower to remove more than 100,000 of the electronic utility readers that had already been installed in homes.

The minister responsible for SaskPower says U.S. manufacturer Sensus is refunding $24 million for all the meters purchased, is crediting SaskPower another $18 million for new meters and providing an extra $5 million for research.

Regina may review parking in older neighbourhoods

If some newer Regina streets have no-parking signs to make room for emergency vehicles, will older streets have them as well?

Sask. doctor mulls fighting Ebola crisis in Africa

A public health physician in Saskatoon is considering joining the fight against Ebola in West Africa.

"There are a number of organizations doing excellent work trying to control and prevent illness due to Ebola and death due to Ebola. It's definitely something as a health professional I would be pleased to contribute to," Michael Schwandt, professor of community health and epidemiology in the college of medicine at the U of S, said.

'Giving Tuesday' intended to spark generosity in Regina

Deciding whether to donate is your first choice on Giving Tuesday, while your second is to decide if you contribute cash, time or goods.

And the decisions don’t stop there. You also have to figure out what cause to contribute towards. Some of those walking in downtown Regina were asked what they feel is important to support.

A number of them spoke about fighting poverty.  The charities that popped up the most were United Way, the Salvation Army and Souls Harbour Rescue Mission

Mask policy in effect for flu season in Saskatoon

Flu season has now started according to the Saskatoon Health Region and if you visit a healthcare facility in Saskatoon, you might notice more people wearing masks.

From Dec, 1 to April 3, 2015 all healthcare workers who did not get a flu shot will be required to wear a mask in patient and client-care areas.

About 84 per cent of healthcare workers in the Saskatoon Health Region received an influenza immunization and will not be required to wear a mask.

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