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Regina's mosquito population lower than normal

Regina residents might have noticed the lack of a perennial pest as mosquito populations in the city have been much lower than recent years.

City of Regina pest control manager Ray Morgan said a dry fall and a slow spring melt have allowed the soil to soak up much of the water that the bugs normally breed in.

Saskatchewan government investing in wheat research

The province is investing in your food starting with how it grows.

The Saskatchewan government is putting $5 million toward wheat research projects.

The first three projects will receive about half that money. The researchers are focusing on improving wheat breeding, higher quality and performance wheat varieties, and looking at wheat fungicide strategies.

The money is coming from the province's agriculture development fund, and will be combined with another $5 million from the Canadian Wheat Alliance.


Saskatchewan Party planning referendum on abolishing Senate

The Saskatchewan Party is planning to hold a referendum among its party members about abolishing the Senate.

The voting will be conducted via mail-in ballots, with the results to be announced in July.

The referendum comes as the federal Senate is embroiled in an ethics scandal. A number of senators are currently under investigation for improper living expenses.

Clean up at possible illegal chemical dump site near Strasbourg

For three days, RCMP, fire trucks and Hazmat crews have been parked at an abandoned homestead north of Strasbourg, cleaning up unknown chemicals.

Mounties said somebody first noticed strange chemical containers at the farm along Highway 20 on May 22 and called the police. The evidence found led officers to believe the area may have been used as a clandestine lab site or an illegal chemical dump.

Regina Mayor defends annexation plans for R.M. of Sherwood

Regina's mayor is firing back at the Rural Municipality of Sherwood after leaders claimed they didn't know anything about the City of Regina's plans to annex land over the next 40 years.
"I think we have a different level of understanding of where we're developing as a community with the R.M. of Sherwood. We want to respect the R.M. of Sherwood's rights but we also want to respect our right to go as well."
Mayor Michael Fougere said the city can't be boxed in.

Saskatchewan recognizes 355 century farms in 2013

In a time when it may seem like the family farm is fading away, Saskatchewan is seeing 355 families celebrating working the same land for at least 100 years.

This spring, Information Services Corporation (ISC) is recognizing each of those families with an ISC Century Family Farm Award.  On Monday, a celebratory luncheon was held in Regina to honour a portion of those families, with luncheons to be held in Swift Current on Tuesday, and in Saskatoon on Thursday.

Fort Qu'Appelle mayor excited for passing lanes on Highway 10

Delighted is not usually the word that comes to mind when you hear the words ‘highway construction’ but for Fort Qu'Appelle Mayor Ron Osika it’s true.

On Monday the Ministry of Highways announced they are investing $16.9 million to build passing lanes on the busy section of Highway 10 between Fort Qu’Appelle and Balgonie.

“This is awesome, people will just be very happy about it,” Osika said, commenting that it’s good news for all the resort communities in the valley along with plenty of people who commute every day.

Suzanna RCMP dog with royal ties leaving Depot base

If you’ve been to RCMP “Depot” Division in Regina over the past few years, chances are you’ve seen a furry, four-legged yellow lab patrolling around. Suzanna has been serving as a friendly ambassador at the base. But at the end of this week she’ll be retiring from that role.

The dog has a unique back-story unlike most other dogs.

 “The royal family presented the dog to the RCMP and through a series of events she came to Depot,” said Assistant Commissioner Roger Brown, who also serves as Depot’s Commanding Officer.

Immigrant Nominee Program changes impact Regina restaurant

Recent changes to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program could have a major impact on some businesses in the province.

The program is putting a cap on the number of applicants in various categories like skilled workers, family referrals, and students from now until the end of the year.

The student category is where Rick Kruesel finds many of his employees. He runs the Greek Restaurant OPA! in the Cornwall Centre in Regina. The cap for this category is now 175 until December 31, 2013.

Regina city councillor shopping local to build community

Earlier this month, Regina city councilor Shawn Fraser began his second Shop Local Challenge where he makes every effort he can to shop exclusively at locally-owned businesses. He also invited Regina residents to join him in the challenge, and, since then, his Facebook and Twitter pages have been full of shoppers posting about their own experiences.

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