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Some Reginans favour pick and pay system for cable TV

Some people in Regina would like to see the rules on how cable companies offer channels un-paused.

In Wednesday’s Throne Speech, the federal government addressed how it was going to take steps to make television providers unbundle channels and move towards letting customers pick and pay. That seems to be a popular choice among those News Talk spoke with.

“I agree with it big time. I think that we pay for a lot of channels that we don’t watch,” said one woman.

“You get the bundles and there are some stations you don’t want,” agreed another man.

PHOTOS: Farmyard on Hwy 6 sees two wildfires in six months

Gigantic plumes of smoke coming from a farmyard 16 kilometers north of Regina could easily be seen from the city Tuesday afternoon.

A wildfire was sparked in a field of stubble, and driven east by heavy winds towards a nearby farmhouse.

The fire scorched a field of stubble and claimed a few bales just meters away from the house. Regina fire crews and local farmers worked to contain it, saving the structures in the yard for the most part.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

High-risk offender sentenced to a year in prison

The man wanted in a Canada-wide search warrant is headed back to prison.

49 year old Mitchell Lawrence Sasakamoose took off from his home in Regina's Heritage neighbourhood this summer. He had moved there a month prior, prompting police to warn the public about his history of violent behavior and substance abuse.

At the time, he was under a long-term parole order. After failing to return to his home on July 3, police issued a nation-wide warrant for his arrest.

Regina police rescue injured stray dog, dub him 'Copper'

He stole the hearts of some on-duty cops and now a dog dubbed ‘Copper’ is getting a new leash on life.

Staff Sergeant Evan Bray was on duty Sunday when a different kind of call came across the radio.

“The officer that initially found Copper and called it in – you could hear the panic in his voice, this dog was injured and he needed help,” he said.

Bray says a concerned citizen flagged down the officer after seeing a badly injured dog in a back alley behind 1600 block of Toronto Street.

Long time Regina cop Rick Bourassa named Moose Jaw Police Chief

After only his first week on the job, Rick Bourassa is able to enjoy his first long weekend. The long-time Regina police officer is back on the force - this time in Moose Jaw.

"I started with the Regina Police Service in 1981. So that dates me a little bit," Bourassa said in an interview his second day in his new office.

Bourassa was named the new chief of police for the Moose Jaw Police Service at the end of August. He was officially sworn in at the beginning of October, beginning his new job October 7.

Saskatoon chef says Thanksgiving leftovers can make exciting dishes

After the big Thanksgiving meal is over the turkey, stuffing, and vegetables can be turned into many different meals.

Chef and owner of Simon’s Fine Foods, Simon Reynolds, said that all of the turkey, including the carcass, can be used to spice up the food after a Thanksgiving meal.

“When you break it down you usually have some white meat left, you have some dark meat, and you have the carcass,” he explained.

“The carcass is going to be for soup. So, you are going to make stock and turn that into soup.”

Warman photographer holds 'awkward family photo contest'

Matching outfits, overly-posed and staring off into the distance: a Saskatoon-area photography business wants to see that one family photo that makes you lovingly cringe.
Carrie Klassen, owner of Fotographia Dynamic Photography in Warman, is holding an awkward family photo contest; it's a local take on the popular website

Many Regina city services closed Thanksgiving Monday

If the streets of Regina seem oddly quiet for a Monday, it's because most people have the day off. And that includes city workers.

All civic offices and neighbourhood centres are closed for Thanksgiving Monday. Same goes for all libraries, and the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre.

Regina transit service will not run, and the Transit Information Centre is closed. Paratransit service is operating on its holiday schedule from noon to 10 p.m.

Trash and recycling pickups will go on like normal. The city dump will stay open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Volunteers donate time to help less fortunate on Thanksgiving

While many Canadians are gathered around the family table for turkey dinner this weekend, many others are donating their time to the less fortunate.

The Connect Church congregation held their first chili lunch at the Lighthouse Sunday and volunteers were aplenty.

Barrett Clemence and his entire family came out to serve food to Lighthouse clients and residents.

"You do things together as a family on thanksgiving so this is what we're doing," Clemence said.

Four children arrested in a rash of Regina fires

Four children have been arrested in a rash of garage and property fires in Regina's Cathedral neighbourhood.

All four suspects are under the age of 12, and thus, cannot be charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The latest incidents happened over the Thanksgiving long weekend. At around 1:30 p.m. Saturday, fire crews were called to the 3300 block of 13th Avenue for a garage fire. The West side of the structure was badly burned along with the roof. No one was injured.

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