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Yellow Quill FN constructs new office in Saskatoon

A big project from the Yellow Quill First Nation has begun in the heart of downtown Saskatoon.

Wednesday morning Chief Larry Cachene joined band council members and Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison in a parking lot on 20th Street South to announce the future home of a brand new office building.

"We wanted to replicate the success we have had with the First Nations Bank Building," Chief Cachene said. "We have a parking lot down here. We looked at different options for best use of the property and we came up with the idea of a building."

Saskatoon wins silver at international 3-on-3 basketball tournament

A three-on-three basketball team from Saskatoon is coming home from Japan with silver medals after losing to Serbia at the FIBA World Tour.

“We are still licking our wounds right now because we wanted to go there and win. We’re a little bit disappointed,” Michael Linklater, one of the four players on the team, said.

Linklater said the team played strong throughout the tournament before their defence fell in the final game Sunday with a crushing 21-11 loss.

One-day detours slated for Highway 12, 16

Expect some delays heading in and out of Saskatoon on Thursday.

CN Rail in conjunction with the Ministry of Highways will be closing off sections of Highway 12 north of Martensville and Highway 16 east of Saskatoon from dawn to dusk, making way for rail-crossing repairs and track replacement.

North and southbound traffic on Highway 12 will be detoured north of Junction 305 to allow CN to make repairs to a road-level railway crossing.

SUN has unanswered questions about new flu protocol

There are still questions left with the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) leading into the flu vaccination season as new protocols are implemented for health care workers across the province.

This year a new policy has been implemented requiring  all health care workers to either get an influenza immunization or wear a mask in patient and client care areas during flu season.

"SUN fully supports and encourages our members to get the flu vaccine but we also respect people's personal choices," SUN president Tracy Zambory said.

No Ebola screening at Regina International Airport

In the wake of the Ebola crisis, six Canadian airports are screening for the virus but Regina's is not among them.

"We don't anticipate anybody that would reach this airport that wouldn't have already been screened due to those protocols at other major airports in Canada," said Regina Airport Authority (RAA) President Jim Hunter.

Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver, Ottawa and Calgary will be doing the screenings lead by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

VIDEO: SaskPower drone will help fix outages faster

SaskPower is turning to aerial drones to find and fix problems faster.

The crown will now utilize the $25,000 robot to help identify the cause of outages and maintenance needs.

"If it's an emergency, we can bring this thing out, check it, and get it done quicker," explained Chad Schneider with SaskPower. He's part of a three-man team that can control the drone.

SGI: Photo radar costs worth it

While the NDP thinks Saskatchewan is paying too much for photo radar, the province is defending the pilot program.

On Tuesday, the NDP said paying Xerox Business Services Canada $4.5 million over two years to process the tickets was just too costly. However, SGI's vice president of Auto Fund argues it's the most-effective option.

Former Hell’s Angels member denies death threats

A former Hell’s Angels member on trial for uttering death threats admits he threatened to hurt a Saskatoon business owner who he used to work for, but denies ever saying he would kill the man or his family.

Jesse Lee Bitz is charged with three counts of uttering threats after his former boss, Leonard Banga, accused Bitz of threatening to kill him on at least two separate occasions between Dec. 23, 2012 and June 24, 2013.

Labour board reserves decision on lockout

The Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board has reserved its decision on whether or not the transit lockout is legal.

On Tuesday, the board heard arguments about the legality of the transit lockout from the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 615 and the City of Saskatoon.

Saskatoon weighs options for organic waste collection

Saskatoon city council members are considering ways to keep organic waste from reaching the city dump.

David McGrane with the environmental advisory committee told the standing policy committee for environment, utilities and corporate services Tuesday "the status quo is not an option", and "now is the time to start the conversation".

McGrane, also a professor of political sciences at the University of Saskatchewan, said if nothing is done to divert waste, the city will require a new landfill in 30 to 40 years.

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