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Regina refinery officially opens $2.7 billion expansion

A $2.7 billion investment into the Federated Co-Ops Refinery Complex (CRC) in Regina should help boost how much oil the facility produces each day by about a third.

Federated Co-Ops Limited (FCL), which owns and operates the refinery, celebrated the official opening of the massive expansion project on Thursday. This expansion was built to process sweet synthetic crude, which is already partially upgraded in Alberta.

Technically section five at the CRC started production last October, but the final upgrades to the surrounding facility were just completed this summer.

Some Reginans favour pick and pay system for cable TV

Some people in Regina would like to see the rules on how cable companies offer channels un-paused.

In Wednesday’s Throne Speech, the federal government addressed how it was going to take steps to make television providers unbundle channels and move towards letting customers pick and pay. That seems to be a popular choice among those News Talk spoke with.

“I agree with it big time. I think that we pay for a lot of channels that we don’t watch,” said one woman.

“You get the bundles and there are some stations you don’t want,” agreed another man.

Regina families still waiting for ice dam damage to be fixed

One Regina man has discovered it can be quicker to just build a new house rather than wait for the wreckage caused by ice dams to be fixed.

An unexpectedly high number of homes and businesses in and around Regina were damaged by ice dams that formed last winter, the result of a large amount of heavy, wet snow. Marc Bratkoski and his family were among those left dealing with the damage; they kept living with it month after month.

“We were living in a house that was unsafe. The electrical boxes were open. There was a hole in the floor I had to cover,” Bratkoski said.

Union calls CFIA move to Health Canada 'a smokescreen'

The union representing food inspectors says transferring the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to Health Canada won't fix problems with the regulator that polices the country’s food supply.

“Ultimately at the end of the day, this is an administrative nightmare for employees and for Canadians,” Marian Hladun, regional executive vice-president for the Public Service Alliance of Canada, prairie region, said.

Regina council adopts "rooming house" plan

Regina city council is pretty sure it’s found the answer to the controversial rooming house issue.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, council agreed with a recent city administration report that would essentially see more restrictions placed on homeowners renting out rooms for the short-term—deemed by the city to mean less than 30 days.

Council voted to remove the ‘rooming house’ land classification altogether from the bylaw, and instead add a ‘short-term accommodation’ definition along with a ‘residential homestay’ classification.

Western artists showcase works at TCU Place

Five years ago Cheryl Tuck-Tallon put down her calculator and picked up a paint brush. With 30 years experience she quit her job as a financial planner and began to pursue her passion as an artist.

“I had to. It was just in me. If I don’t do it now, when? That was my mantra; if not now, when?” Tuck-Tallon said.
Borrowing from her past, Tuck-Tallon painted a future for herself as an artist.

Top chef gives Thanksgiving dinner tips

For many, Thanksgiving is all about the feast, and Top Chef Canada winner Dale Mackay has some tips for this year’s meal.

Mackay, who is set to open Ayden Kitchen and Bar in downtown Saskatoon, said make changes to one item at a time.

“Change up one thing a year. Say the stuffing, a lot of people have a lot of variations of stuffing and I encourage people to put some spices, or put some sausage or put some dried fruit or anything," he said.

Protestors march against Monsanto

Saskatoon was one of 500 cities in 50 countries to take park in the March Against Monsanto on Saturday.


Peach, cherry, grape: call to ban flavoured tobacco products in SK

The province says it’s taking a close look at banning flavoured tobacco products.

Sask. airport reps. promoting province at Vegas conference

Saskatchewan airport officials are making new friends and keeping old ones at the World Routes Conference this weekend.

The Regina Airport Authority together with Saskatoon's Airport, and Saskatchewan, Regina, and Saskatoon's tourism agencies, are in Las Vegas promoting the province to the airlines of the world.

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