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City targets summer repairs for University Bridge

If you think traffic congestion in Saskatoon is bad now, just wait until this summer when the University Bridge needs to be shut down for repairs.

The city's chief engineer Mike Gutek said initially planners were looking at shutting the bridge down entirely. They've since reconsidered doing that.

"We do realize the pressures from the downtown core, as well as access to the University bridge. So right now, the option we're looking at is having one lane from downtown, to the east side of the river," Gutek said.

PHOTOS: Rubiks cube still making Christmas wish lists

Forty-years after the first Rubiks cube hit store shelves kids and adults are still trying to solve the cubed puzzle today.

This year the Rubiks Cube could be under a few more Christmas trees with the company giving the world's bestselling toy a make-over.

Janice Biehn, editor at ParentsCanada Magazine said on John Gormley Live Thursday Rubiks' new tilted 3x3 cube will not only keep children occupied, it's also a learning toy.

Mask policy in effect for flu season in Saskatoon

Flu season has now started according to the Saskatoon Health Region and if you visit a healthcare facility in Saskatoon, you might notice more people wearing masks.

From Dec, 1 to April 3, 2015 all healthcare workers who did not get a flu shot will be required to wear a mask in patient and client-care areas.

About 84 per cent of healthcare workers in the Saskatoon Health Region received an influenza immunization and will not be required to wear a mask.

Hunters braving the cold could spot less deer

Hunters looking to brave the cold before white-tailed deer season closes Tuesday could have a tough time spotting an animal.

The deer population is down across the province after a few harsh winters. The hunting season was shortened by about two weeks as a result.

The cold snap could also affect the deer’s movements.

UPDATE: Saskatoon mulls buffer zones for support services

City of Saskatoon administration will take more time for research before moving forward with any recommendations for bylaws to prevent new support service locations from building too close to existing ones, similar to zoning laws for pawn shops.

The buffer zone is designed to prevent new missions like food banks, homeless shelters or soup kitchens from going up too close to existing ones.

Saskatoon city hall tries to lessen tax hike

Public and city councillor feedback concerning the City of Saskatoon’s proposed 7.3 per cent tax bump forced the city to review its numbers shrinking the proposed increase down to 5.49 per cent.

In a release late Friday, the city’s chief financial officer Kerry Tarasoff said the city identified a number of operational changes and funding opportunities totaling almost $3 million to lessen the blow for taxpayers in 2015.

Regina shoppers prefer Black Friday over Boxing Day

Black Friday sales caused a shopping frenzy in the United States, but it wasn't as hectic in Regina.
Shoppers at Southland Mall did not have to deal with large crowds or long lines. The calm Black Friday had many people favouring the shopping holiday over Boxing Day.
"I've only ever done one Boxing Day and this will be my first Black Friday and I think I prefer Black Friday. Little more to choose from and a little more reason to shop," said Pat McMartin.

City of Regina fixes issue of recycling broken glass

People in Regina can start putting pickle jars into the blue bins again and know it's being recycled; the City of Regina has finally figured out how to recycle the glass.

Saskatoon councillors speak against proposed transit increase

The City of Saskatoon is asking council to approve a second year of fare increases for its city transit service.

But some city councillors are already saying no way.

“I find it very hard to support a transit increase until we're actually providing a service everybody wants and appreciates,” Ward 1 city councillor Darren Hill said. “The administration and council heard loud and clear during the lockout that there needs to be major changes to the transit system, citizens are not happy with the service right now.”

Regina snowmobilers revved up by snowfall

As a heavy snowfall continues around Regina, snowmobilers couldn't be happier.
"So far so good but we need more white stuff and we need it pretty quick," said Darcey Shaw with Alsports Sales. 
Shaw says 30 centimeters of snow needs to hit the ground before snowmobilers can go off riding. When that time comes, Shaw reminds snowmobilers to wear proper clothing and not to go out when it's really cold out.

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