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Sask. provincial park campsites 40 per cent full

The weather might not feel like spring this weekend but thousands of people have already booked their campsites at Saskatchewan Provincial Parks.

The online camping reservation system opened on March 2 and after the first three weeks, Mariane Wihack with SaskParks says 26,500 reservations are on the books so far.

“On average I would say it’s about 40 per cent of our campsites that are reserved at this point,” she said. “Some of the more popular parks are probably verging on the 50 per cent reserved state.”

Regina developer seeks approval for multi-use complex in Cathedral

The lot has been vacant for over 20 years, but now a developer from Regina’s Cathedral neighbourhood is hoping to build a four-story mixed use complex on 13th Avenue and Retallack Street.

Derek Tomlin grew up in Cathedral and says he sees the building as a way to give back to his community. He pitched the idea to people from the neighbourhood at a public open house on Thursday evening.

Saskatchewan government could get rid of Russian vodka

The Wall government has staunchly supported the people of Ukraine since political upheaval turned violent late last year, but now the province is mulling another way to toast Ukrainians: by refusing Russian vodka.

Premier Brad Wall told reporters Thursday that he's considering pulling Russian liquor from Saskatchewan shelves.

"Some would argue, and I think it's a reasonable argument, that—'Look, you de-list products at the liquor board all the time, from certain countries, just based on demand.'"

What can spring potholes do to your vehicle?

Under layers of slushy snow and puddles the melt is revealing a lot of potholes covering the streets of Regina.

It can be tough to avoid all of them but driving over too many, or even one depending on how deep it is, could cause some serious damage to your vehicle.

"It definitely breaks things like springs and struts and shocks and stuff like that. It changes wheel alignment which wrecks your tires," said Roy Currie, an auto technician at Auto Electric.

Car crash knocks out power to 1,300 Sutherland homes, businesses

Power has been restored for most Sutherland residents after a car took out a power pole.

Around 7:45 a.m. a vehicle driving down a back alley on the 100 block of 111th Street West struck a power pole, knocking it over.

Police said that there were no injuries and they are still investigating. Meanwhile crews are working to replace the damaged pole.

As many as 1,300 homes and businesses were without power for four hours.

Cellular retailer opens smart phone school in Regina

A cell phone distributor in Regina has opened a “learning centre” to help teach customers how to use their smart phone. opened the centre in Regina’s east end in late December of this year after finding that many of their customers were having problems understanding how to operate their handhelds.

“Our smart phones are getting so sophisticated that it’s getting to the point where five minutes after a sale is not really enough to fully learn how to take advantage of your device and use it to its fullest potential,” said wireless expert Andrew Klassen.

PHOTOS: Huge power outage in Regina after truck hits power poles

A truck that hit some power poles just north of Regina knocked off power to a large section of the city on Friday afternoon.

It happened in the early afternoon, the truck striking power poles on Industrial Dr. north of city limits, near the Evraz Steel plant. The outage affected all parts of north Regina, reaching as far south as the Lawson Aquatic Centre.

SaskPower said service was restored to a wide area of north central, northwest and north Regina around mid-afternoon.

Regina moves ahead with multi-unit recycling program

Regina is moving ahead with its plan to have a recycling program in place for condos, apartments and all other multi-family properties.

Thursday afternoon the public works committee passed a recommendation that would require all property owners to contract out a private service provider for pick up. Many of the same materials that single family homes are able to recycle would be included for these properties.

Regina car dealership named Canada's #1 GM retailer

Regina's Capital GMC has continued its hot streak, having now been named Canada's number one General Motors retailer for five straight years.

The dealership, which sells GMC, Buick, and Cadillac vehicles, was awarded the honour after selling about 3,000 new and used vehicles in 2013, in addition to some wholesale business.

"We sell a lot of cars in a year, we really do, in little old Saskatchewan," acknowledged Capital President Bruce Axelson.

Axelson complimented his staff for working hard last year, passing all the credit onto them.

Regina tech start-up builds investment in California

A Regina based tech company is getting a hand up from some big-wigs in California’s Silicon Valley thanks to a three month business mentorship program.

26-year-old Jordan Boesch is the founder of 7 Shifts which is an app for scheduling employee shifts in the food service industry. It is based on a simple program he built while working for his dad at Quiznos.

“He had availability sticky notes all over his desk and I just built something basic where my Dad could upload a spreadsheet and employees could download it,” Boesch explained.

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