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We Day makes third stop in Saskatoon

“Every young person has the power to change the world.”
That’s the message each and every year as We Day makes another stop in Saskatoon Friday.
Since 2007, thousands of Canadians have attended We Day events across the country.  The day is filled with musical performances and speeches from global leaders and public figures.
Each year students who want to attend have to take on one local and one global action to help make a difference in the world.

Saskatoon woman wants dead dog's remains back from city

A Saskatoon woman would like her dead dog's ashes from the City of Saskatoon after it was run over by a vehicle last month.

Megan Isbister was out of town for the weekend and left Nanook in the care of her boyfriend.  He told Isbister that Saturday night (Oct.25) he took Nanook outside the apartment for a bathroom break but Nanook wandered away before a white SUV pulled up, called to Nanook and he jumped inside.

Nanook was not wearing his collar.

3 adults, 3 youth arrested in connection to 7 Saskatoon robberies

Six people, including three youth, have been arrested and face a number of charges in connection to a recent series of armed robberies in Saskatoon.

A seventh person is wanted on an arrest warrant. 

Saskatoon police say the armed robberies took place between Oct. 5 and 30 at a number of convenience stores and one off-sale business.

Former liquor store owner favours privatization

As Saskatchewan debates on the future of liquor stores, one former owner is chiming in with her opinion.
Darlene Heimlick used to own two stores in Alberta. She says the provincial government could have the best of both worlds by keeping the current stores as is and letting a number of private stores go up.
“There’s nothing wrong with government owned stores,” said Heimlick.  “They have the more generic items.  When there’s privatization it allows for expansion of selection and who doesn’t like selection.”

Reginans unsure if liquor sales should change

The Saskatchewan Government has laid five options out regarding how liquor might be sold in the future.

The province launched a website on Tuesday where it will collect feedback from the public on which option they like the best. Choices include maintaining the current system, moving to an Alberta-style of fully privatized retail, or expanding the government retail system.

5 options for the future of Sask. liquor stores

The government is asking people if they want the future of liquor stores in the province to be shaken or stirred.

“I'm a consumer,” said Minister responsible for Sask. Liquor and Gaming Don McMorris. “I like to see pricing and I like to see availability.”

On Tuesday morning, the province released an options paper, and launched a consultation process looking for the public's input on what option is best.

The paper lists five options for the province's liquor stores:

1. Maintain the current system

Bus riders group pushing for better public transit in Saskatoon

In the wake of month-long public transit lockout, an advocacy group in Saskatoon is calling for improved service which they feel will fix many ailments in the city.

“Even if you don't take transit, a better bus service means there's less congestion on the road, less wear and tear, and lots of people are interested in more funding for roads -- it's the same thing,” Sirena Gersher with Bus Riders of Saskatoon said.

Movember encourages prostate cancer test if advisable by doctor

The Movember campaign continues to encourage men to discuss prostate-cancer screening with a doctor after a recent recommendation for physicians to stop using PSA tests.

“The stance that we have is that knowledge is power and until more precise tests are available, the recommendation would just be for men to discuss the situation with their doctor to decide if PSA testing is right for them. Together, the men and their physicians can choose the best course of action,” Adam Kletchko, chair for Movember Regina said.

Saskatoon transit fares resume Saturday

After 11 days of free transit services in Saskatoon, regular transit fares come back in place today.

Transit customers are encouraged to repurchase a monthly pass or activate an extension if a refund was not received for their September 2014 Transit Pass.

Ex-Hells Angel found guilty of threatening former boss

A verdict was delivered in the case of an ex-Hells Angel charged with threatening to kill his former boss.

42-year-old Jesse Leigh Bitz faced three charges of uttering threats to cause the death of Leonard Banga. Bitz had been employed at Banga’s Xtreme Mining and Demolition Inc. He was fired in 2012.

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