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Federal government could address high gas prices

There's usually a painful grimace when we spot gas signs reading $1.36 a litre in Saskatchewan.

Now, the federal government claims they'll be investigating those high prices through a parliamentary committee. Industry Minister Tony Clement says he'll be grilling distributors and retailers on their pricing methods.

But the Ruth Robinson, from the Consumer Association of Saskastchewan, says this isn't the first time the government has looked into pricing - and found nothing wrong.

Gas prices start to rise in Saskatchewan

It appears as though the rise in gas prices has made its way to Saskatchewan.

News Talk Radio has been tipped off that prices in Regina have gone from 1.31 to 1.36. Saskatoon prices are showing a jump from 1.32 to 1.37.

Edited by News Talk Radio's Sabeen Ahmad.


Save-On-Foods coming to Saskatchewan

 A major grocery chain is coming to Saskatchewan.

Save-On-Foods has 145 locations in B.C. and Alberta and will unveil its expansion plans for Regina and Saskatchewan on Thursday. It's not yet clear exactly how many new stores will be built in the province.

The western-based grocery retailer says it sources local products first whenever possible and is known for its unique approach to customizing each store to best serve the local community.

It adds this move into the Saskatchewan will create thousands of new jobs.

Truck involved in deadly crash in Saskatoon reported stolen

The truck involved in a deadly crash in Saskatoon on Thursday was reported stolen by the driver’s family just before the incident.

Witnesses have told Saskatoon police they saw the driver of the truck speeding before the collision.

The driver was heading down 19th Street toward the Broadway Bridge around 3 a.m. before the truck smashed into at least two light posts in front of the Sask Jazz Fest free stage. The light posts bent over, nearly parallel to the sidewalk.

The 15-year-old boy died at the scene.

Hundreds of SaskTel customers mistakenly charged for roaming

SaskTel is refunding money to hundreds of customers who were charged extra fees on their cell phone bills.
The charges stemmed from international roaming fees that occurred when a customer interacted with a person not in Canada. However, 344 people were being dinged with the fees even though international roaming was in their cell phone plan.

Consumption confusion behind water-bill worries: City of Regina

The City of Regina says people seeing slightly higher than normal water bills in June probably just used more water than they thought.

28 power outages plague Regina in June

Those in Regina who feel like they were resetting their clocks almost every day in June aren't far off; SaskPower said there have been 28 outages this month.
Jonathan Tremblay, a spokesperson with SaskPower, said 28 outages is more than normal with anywhere from 100 to 3,500 people affected. He thanked people for their patience. Many of the outages have been in the Harbour Landing and Albert Park areas in the southwest.
Tremblay said several problems converged at the same time, but they all come back to the aging power infrastructure.

Saskatoon Catholic schools going water bottle free

Catholic students in Saskatoon will no longer be able to buy a bottle of water at school.

The Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools (GSCS) is eliminating plastic bottled water from vending machines, cafeterias, school-related events and meetings.

"It's guiding our work as an organization to be as environmentally conscious as we can be. As well as from a social justice stand point, we know many people in our world struggle to have clean drinking water. It's a little bit of solidarity work with them as well," said Greg Chatlain, director of education.

Vancouver band takes main stage at Sask. Jazz Fest

A relaxed Saskatoon crowd came out Friday night to watch Vancouver indie rock darlings, The New Pornographers, take the main stage at the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival.

Their summer pop sound matched the scenery at the Bessborough Gardens on the second night of the festival.

They played a good portion of their latest album, Brill Bruisers, and peppered in songs from their other five albums.

The six-piece band has been together since 1999 and was last in Saskatoon in 2010.

More arrests, charges coming in Project Foresti

Twelve additional arrests will be coming in connection to a massive drug investigation, dubbed Project Forseti, that took place across Saskatchewan in January according to the Saskatoon Police Service.

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