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Federal government could address high gas prices

There's usually a painful grimace when we spot gas signs reading $1.36 a litre in Saskatchewan.

Now, the federal government claims they'll be investigating those high prices through a parliamentary committee. Industry Minister Tony Clement says he'll be grilling distributors and retailers on their pricing methods.

But the Ruth Robinson, from the Consumer Association of Saskastchewan, says this isn't the first time the government has looked into pricing - and found nothing wrong.

Gas prices start to rise in Saskatchewan

It appears as though the rise in gas prices has made its way to Saskatchewan.

News Talk Radio has been tipped off that prices in Regina have gone from 1.31 to 1.36. Saskatoon prices are showing a jump from 1.32 to 1.37.

Edited by News Talk Radio's Sabeen Ahmad.


New iPhones available for SaskTel customers Friday

SaskTel customers will be able to get their hands on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus starting Friday.

Sasktel announced their retail stores and selected authorized dealers will be available on September 19.

The two new apple models feature 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch Retina HD displays and a thin design.

The 16 GB iPhone 6 will be available starting at $264.99 with the 16 GB iPhone 6 Plus starting at $374.99. Both prices require a two-year contract.

Saskatoon food truck festival celebrates a burgeoning community

When Scout Tex Hall owner Sierra McCann opened her Tex Mex food truck in Saskatoon last spring, she worried about tough competition and aggressive vendors.

"When I started that was my big concern; that we would be competing against one another, and Saskatoon is so small we can't hide in Stonebridge and at the University, we have to work together," McCann said.

Saskatoon student housing pricey but available

Despite ranking among the top 10 most expensive Canadian cities to live in, Saskatoon's housing market continues to accommodate the yearly influx of university and college students.

"Because our city, for many years, has been so geared towards that (student) market, it's like it's ready for it," Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors executive officer Jason Yochim said.

SARCAN breaks down issue with broken glass

SARCAN is shedding more light on what glass recycling is like in Regina.
There was an uproar in Regina this week when it was revealed that the majority of glass residents put into their curbside recycling bins doesn't get recycled but ends up at the dump. SARCAN used to recycle the intact non-refundable glass for Emterra, the company contracted to sort Regina's recyclables .
Kevin Acton, director of operations for SARCAN recycling, explained that though they don't advertise it, they will take non-refundable items.

Second private liquor store opens in Saskatoon

The opening of Saskatoon's second private liquor store may lift some spirits in the city.

The Sobeys Liquor Store in Stonebridge is officially open. It is located on the south west corner of Preston Avenue and Circle Drive.

It includes a 360-degree tasting bar in the centre of the store, a 2,000 square foot walk-in cooler and will carry alcohol, glassware, mix and some snacks.

More arrests in Estevan linked to date rape drug

It seems people in Estevan are being more cautious while enjoying a drink at the bar thanks to increased awareness about the date-rape drug.

In April, News Talk Radio spoke to the mother of a woman who believed she had been drugged while at a house party in the southeast Saskatchewan city.

Government, NDP respond to new SaskPower deal on smart meters

SaskPower has reached a deal with smart meter manufacturer Sensus to recover the $47 million lost in the smart meter program.

Sensus will pay $24 million in cash, $18 million in credit and set aside $5 million towards research and development of a new smart meter.

“We want to do business with Sensus in the future,” said SaskPower CEO Watson. “We’re doing it because they have a good track record.”

City considers scrapping Local Improvement Program to fix streets

The City of Regina is considering a new way to fund and fix the streets we drive on.

A report from administration recommends discontinuing the Local Improvement Program (LIP), and replacing it with a more efficient way to improve the city’s road network by 2015.

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