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Federal government could address high gas prices

There's usually a painful grimace when we spot gas signs reading $1.36 a litre in Saskatchewan.

Now, the federal government claims they'll be investigating those high prices through a parliamentary committee. Industry Minister Tony Clement says he'll be grilling distributors and retailers on their pricing methods.

But the Ruth Robinson, from the Consumer Association of Saskastchewan, says this isn't the first time the government has looked into pricing - and found nothing wrong.

Gas prices start to rise in Saskatchewan

It appears as though the rise in gas prices has made its way to Saskatchewan.

News Talk Radio has been tipped off that prices in Regina have gone from 1.31 to 1.36. Saskatoon prices are showing a jump from 1.32 to 1.37.

Edited by News Talk Radio's Sabeen Ahmad.


Humans of Saskatoon sharing local stories

It took a personal tragedy for local photographer Moe Morin to reach out to her community, not in the way one might expect.
Inspired by the successful Humans of New York project, Morin created the Human's of Saskatoon Facebook page.
She said she lost her father figure early this year, followed closely by her niece. It was the loss that really drove her into the project.

Medicine Hat follows Saskatchewan, pauses smart meter program

As SaskPower begins to remove 105,000 smart meters due to safety concerns, officials in Medicine Hat are halting their own installation program.

"We're going to put a pause on the electric meter installations, while we gather some more information about what's happened in Saskatchewan," said Wilbur Mclean, communications officer with the City of Medicine Hat.

Buyer beware, concert ticket fraud on the rise

Imagine having floor seats to see your favourite country artist, finally getting to the front of the line and finding out the ticket you bought online was bogus.
That was the reality for Marlie Chovin and 20 others at last week's Blake Shelton concert.

Summer sun shines on Saskatchewan solar farm

This week people were out soaking up the rays of the sun, but so were 39 solar panels on a farm in White City.

The solar farm generates enough energy to power about 17 homes.  Bill Walton, president of 2B Green Power Solutions, says there are already plans to expand the number of solar panels.

It took 5 days for 2B Green to install 110 solar panels on the roof of a garage on a farm just outside of Regina . Deborah Shawcross/CJME

Some customers hope bills drop after smart meters are removed

Safety is the main reason given for the removal of smart meters across the province, but some customers are wondering if it will have a positive impact on their wallets.

News Talk Radio reported that some residents were left paying hundreds of dollars more on their power bills, after getting the new meters.

Cost to remove SaskPower smart meters pegged at $15 million

It’s lights out for SaskPower’s smart meter program now that the provincial government has ordered the removal of all 105,000 smart meters throughout the province.

“We support it. It’s something we’ve been planning for as well as a possibility,” said SaskPower Vice President of Operations Mike Marsh.

At least 8 smart meters have caught fire recently.

Province orders SaskPower to remove all smart meters

The Saskatchewan Government is pulling the plug on every smart meter installed by SaskPower due to public safety concerns following a series of fires.

In a news conference on Wednesday the Minister responsible for SaskPower, Bill Boyd announced that all 105,000 smart meters will be removed and replaced with the old meters. At least eight smart meters in the province have caught fire.

Smart meter swap out

It seems with more reports coming out about SaskPower smart meters starting on fire, more people are wanting to get rid of the smart meters on their homes.

According to SaskPower, as of the end of Tuesday, 150 people had requested their smart meter be removed. And another 30 people since the middle of July had requested the installation of their smart meter be pushed back; 150 people have made that request since the program began.

Tyler Hopson, media leader with SaskPower, said at this point the number is manageable.

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