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Federal government could address high gas prices

There's usually a painful grimace when we spot gas signs reading $1.36 a litre in Saskatchewan.

Now, the federal government claims they'll be investigating those high prices through a parliamentary committee. Industry Minister Tony Clement says he'll be grilling distributors and retailers on their pricing methods.

But the Ruth Robinson, from the Consumer Association of Saskastchewan, says this isn't the first time the government has looked into pricing - and found nothing wrong.

Gas prices start to rise in Saskatchewan

It appears as though the rise in gas prices has made its way to Saskatchewan.

News Talk Radio has been tipped off that prices in Regina have gone from 1.31 to 1.36. Saskatoon prices are showing a jump from 1.32 to 1.37.

Edited by News Talk Radio's Sabeen Ahmad.


Costco to open second Saskatoon store

The lines at Saskatoon's only Costco might soon get a little shorter thanks to the opening of a second location.

At a ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday, Arbutus Properties announced Costco will build a store in their Meadows Market mall complex in Rosewood on Zimmerman Road.

Rumours of a second location had been circulating for months, but Arbutus CEO Jeff Drexel said talks have only been in the works for the last three months.

Saskatoon food trucks launching new treats for May Mayhem

If you haven’t dabbled in Saskatoon’s growing food truck culture, look no further than the Sutherland Curling Club this weekend where a dozen food truck vendors will be pitted against each other in a friendly showdown.

“It’s not about who’s better or who’s worse. It’s a new thing for the city so it’s about showing of what we all have,” said Kara from Ace Burger.

Airbag recall impact in Canada uncertain

The biggest vehicle recall in U.S. history is affecting 34-million vehicles, but the impact the recall has on vehicles in Canada remains to be seen,

Six people in the U.S. have died because of the faulty airbags made by the Takata Corporation out of Japan. The airbags can explode during a crash, sending shards of metal into people's faces.

Saskatoon Fire Dept. rescues man from river

Tuesday was a busy day on the river for the Saskatoon Fire Department.

Firefighters were called out to the river around 1 p.m. over a report of an empty canoe near the weir. They used their powerboat to retrieve the canoe and as they were towing it back to shore, they came upon a man struggling to swim in the water behind the Delta Bessborough Hotel.

Rescuers used the canoe in tow to transport the man back to land and treat him for hypothermia and exhaustion.

Saskatoon restaurant owner recalls Letterman call

With David Letterman set to retire from television, a Saskatoon woman remembers the day he phoned her restaurant.

It was back in the 1990's. Letterman had featured Regina gas station attendant Dick Assman on his show, catapulting the oddly named gas jockey to worldwide fame.

PHOTOS: Master plan unveiled for Children's Discovery Museum

The blueprints for a new museum targeted at Saskatoon's youngest residents have been revealed. The master plan for the Children's Discovery Museum, set to open in the Mendel Building in two years, paints a picture of a place where kids can have fun and learn along the way.

"An exhibit in the children's museum is not like you'd see in a conventional museum. It's very hands-on, interactive, activity-based learning and play," Dave Hunchak, president of the board for the Children's Discovery Museum on the Saskatchewan, said.

Sask. producers say COOL needs to go

Saskatchewan cattle producers say enough is enough when it comes to country of origin labelling, widely known as COOL.

“Back in 2007-2008 we were opening borders back up to provide relief to the industry, and instead they brought COOL, and that made things worse,” said producer Les Johnson with Nisku Land and Cattle Inc. “It put added pressure on us, we had a very tough market coming off the BSE, and COOL just added to that.”

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